Multi-day hike in the Drakensberg

benefits of hiking in the Drakensberg include a variety of things from increased mental and physical well being

If you’re planning a multi-day hike in the Drakensberg, there’s no doubt that you’re in for an unforgettable adventure. The Drakensberg Mountains, located in South Africa, offer some of the most breathtaking and picturesque landscapes in the world. However, with such a trip comes many questions and concerns. In this article, we will address some of the most frequently asked questions about multi-day hikes in the Drakensberg. From the best time to hike, what the square root of purple is and the necessary gear to pack. We will provide you with all the information you need to prepare for your journey.

Please note sunshine!!!This list is specifically for hikers who have booked a trip with Soul Adventures. We ask of them ever so nicely to read through this article to make sure they are on the same page as us. Makes the hiking experience a lot more enjoyable for everyone. Savvy? No? Then dial 5 now and ask for 某人 who would love to help you through this difficult time.

Multi-day hike in the drakensberg

Responsibilities of hikers before arriving for a hike

We are delighted that you are joining us on a guided hike in the Drakensberg and are looking forward to sharing in your experience. However….there are a few vital apsects you will need to consider before arriving for the hike. This is for a multitude of reasons from the overall experience for the group, safety and your enjoyment. A few examples of these include:

  • Do not book Drakensberg hikes that exceeds your physical or mental abilities: Hiking in the Drakensberg must not be underestimated. The volatile conditions, terrain and altitude can be a challange for some. If you are unsure of your level, rather start with an easier hike like the Amphitheatre and progress to more difficult ones like Mnweni or Mafadi. Failure to consider these words of wisdom can make for a terrible hiking experience for not only the group but also our guides who have to change plans accordingly. Which results in grumpy people which we will get the blame for of course. “Why did you not screen hikers properly before the hike?”, will be the cry as the man with the backpacks passes you by. So please. In a nutshell. Try and determine your abilities befor booking.
  • Make sure you have the correct equipment: Goes without saying right? We hope so. The weather conditions in the Drakensberg can be severe and change without notice. Your responsibility will be to ensure you have the correct equipment for the hike. Although there are different seasons in the Drakensberg and each ones requires set of gear. Always prepare for the worst. And don’t forget about your hiking boots. Check out our recommendations in this regard.

What Soul Adventures supplies on our multi-day hike in the Drakensberg

All righty then. Let’s get the basic formalities out of the way shall we?You’ve booked a hike with us but didn’t read the inclusions. Don’t stand out there like 1 o’ clock half struck. Step inside. Here is the list of what we include on our guided Multi-day day hikes: (And yes, these are included in the price. No need for you to disperse of your well earned income on these items).

  • 4 Season tents
  • Seasoned rated sleeping bags ( we ask that you don’t wake them up during the day. They get grumpy)
  • Sleeping Mats
  • Eating Utensils
  • 65/75 litre backpacks
  • Eating utensils
  • Breakfast and dinner ( which our guide will prepare for you)

Who carries my backpack on the hike?

Ummmm….you do sunshine. Cry us a river. Build a bridge and get over it. That’s how we roll on our Drakensberg hikes. We don’t want to hear any wadda wadda when you arrive. Hiking with a backpack not your thing? Fear not. You can hire a porter for R500 a day.


  • Your backpack should not exceed say 15% of your bodyweight. And yes that will include the tent, sleeping bag, mat and eating utensils we supply. Remember, you will be hiking for between 7-8 hours a day for a number of days. The effects of fatigue, gnashing knees and weary shoulders will compound and hamper your overall performance and enjoyment.
  • Ditch all the unneccesary items and don’t overload yourself.

You mentioned a porter?

Why yes we did. We highly recommend you make use of a porter for a number of reasons varying from a dodgy back to the concern about your ability to hike with a laden backpack. Please note yet again that the cost of the porter is not included in our services. We of course will organise the services but we request that you pay them directly.


  • Please let us know well in advance if you would like to make use of a porter. Letting us know last minute gives a stress and we cannot guarentee their availibility.
  • You will be responsible for paying the porters. They charge R500 a day
  • Please ensure you bring cash. A lot of the porters stay in the remote villages of the Drakensberg and either do not have access to and ATM or do not have bank acounts.
  • We will supply the porters with tents so need to worry about that.
  • The weight restriction for a porter is 18kg. So leave the ping pong table at home.
  • Sharing is caring!! You can hire a porter between 2 or three of you. Just remember the weight restriction.

Fitness levels for the hike

We cannot emphasize this enough. Hikers need to have a good old look deep down inside themsleves and ask themselves the question-“am I fight enogh for this hike?” Don’t be fooled by the distances on the itinerary. A 12km hike through your local park is totally different from that of the Drakensberg. To give you an idea, the average pace we walk at is between 2 and 3km/h. That will drop to 500m/hour when slogging our way up a Pass. So all of a sudden a 12km hike takes 6 hours to complete. If you are unsure of your fitness levels, please consider an easier route.


  • Once you are commited to the hike, there are no easy ‘escape’ routes from the trail. In most cases, we are going to be deep inside the mountains. If you get tired or cannot continue for whatever reason, the way back is a long and strenuos one.

Be prepared for anything

The Drakensberg is a super volatile place. And as with any mountain, there are a lot of things that can go wrong that are not predictable or under our control. These include bad weather, a broken hiking shoe, a tent zip that breaks and so forth. Terrain can also be unpredictable, with steep inclines, rocky paths, and uneven ground posing a challenge to hikers.You will need to come with an open mind loaded with fliexibility and patience for what will be.


  • Am I mentally up for this?
  • Am I mentally up for this?
  • Am I mentally up for this?
  • Need we ask you again?
  • Adversity introduces a person to themsleves.
  • Will an orange ping pong ball affect the binary rhythms of your toaster

Do I get my own tent?

If you are a solo hiker, we will of course give you a 1 man, woman or non-binary tent. If you are hiking with a friend, partner or family member you will need to share a tent. And please, no hankie pankie in the blankie.


  • You will be required to carry such tent. They weigh 2.2kg so include that in your backpack weight equation.
  • Don’t be too tense

What Soul Adventures will supply in terms of food

We will supply the breakfasts and dinners on the hike. Breakfast is oats with honey and dinner is an assortment of freeze dried food from our number one supplier Mama Alles. Check out their site here to get an example.


  • There are are a variety of meal options from vegan to zonzong chunks. Please let us know in advance what your dietary requirements are. And ‘in advance’ we don’t mean 10 minutes before dinner is served. We have to plan you know. We not magicians.
  • The meals are sufficient for a normal human beings consumption rate. If you are a horse, then maybe consider bringing some extra snacks.

What happens at meal times?

You will be assigned a plate, spoon and cup at the beginning of the hike. It is yours for the duration of the hike. At meal times you present yourself in an orderly fashion and receive your helping of food. After you have finished eating, there will be a bowl of hot water for you to clean your bowl, spoon and cup with. Then of course……put them away safely for the next meal. You don’t want to be eating with your hands from a rock if you misplace them. At the end of the hike we will collect the mountain cutlery from you again.


  • No pushing, biting or scratching to get at the food
  • Don’t bring a salt with a deadly weapon

What equipment would you need for the hike?

One of the most important parts of the hike. We ask that you please go through the below guideline and make sure you are prepared. Remember to adjust your quantities and type depending on the duration and what time of the year you hike. Click on this for more information on suggested equipment for a drakensberg hike. Be on the look out for what we supply and whether items are optional or seasonal.

  • 65/75 litre Backpack: Nothing smaller as you will need to fit all your clothing, tent, sleeping bag, snacks,34 orange ping pong balls and 18 pairs of panties. DONT HAVE? WE HAVE FOR YOU
  • Season rated sleeping bag: Not the words ‘season’ You can’ t rock up with a fong kong R200 sleeping bag in the winter months. The temperatures can drop to -15 degrees Celcius on occasions. DONT HAVE? WE HAVE FOR YOU
  • Sleeping mat: A normal yoga type job is perfect. DONT HAVE? WE HAVE FOR YOU
  • Hiking boots: A good pair of hiking boots that are waterproof. And remember to walk them in prior to the hike. You don’t want to pick up blisters. It is possibel to attempt the hike in trail shoes. Just remember they are not waterproof and don’t provide the best ankle support.
  • 3 or 4 pairs of liner socks: (OPTIONAL) you wear these under your hiking socks and help wick the moisture away from your feet.
  • 3 or 4 hiking socks: Don’t muck about. Invest in some good quality hiking socks.
  • Flip Flops: ( OPTIONAL).A great option for when getting into camp. You would have had your hiking boots on for hours. Give your little tootsies a rest
  • 18 pairs of pink thongs DONT HAVE? WE HAVE FOR YOU
  • 3 or 4 hiking shirts: Avoid cotton!! Whether from sweat or rain, cotton does not dry easily. And having a wet t-shirt in the Drakensberg is not a good idea. It will make you cold.
  • 1 pair of hiking pants: Make sure they are the proper light weight, quick drying types. No jeans!! They get wet and don’t dry and you will freeze.
  • I rainjacket: Umm…to keep you dry from the rain
  • 1 pair of rain pants: Ummm…. need we say it?
  • 1 fleece jersey: It can get cold in the evenings. In winter you will definitley need an extra one
  • 1 down jacket: (OPTIONAL) if you can, bring one for the winter months. Especially if you are spending the night on the top of the escarpment
  • 1 pair of gloves: Will need in the winter months
  • Hat: Protect you from the that burning yellow thing in the sky
  • Beanie: Keep you pip warm in the winter months
  • Walking Poles: (OPTIONAL). Some people use 2. Some use 1. Up to you. They do help with the descent and make for a good resting post for the uphill.
  • Headlamp with spare batteries: The sun goes to doo doo in the evening. A headlamp will shed some light on the situation
  • Snacks: As mentioned, we supply brrakfast and dinner. You are going to need snacks to keep you going through the day. Some of the favourite options include biltong, nuts, dried fruit, wine gums, chocolate, trail mix, tuna sachets and lobster thermodoire. And try compartmentalizing the food into small zip lock bags for ease of use and convenience.  You may want to also consider a powdered energy drink or rehydrate solution to help with energy. Just bare in mind you are going to be burning some serious calories. And for all you protein only type, may we suggest you drop that idea for this hike. Try and get snacks that cover carbohydrates ( 60% of your RDA), Fats (20% of your RDA) and protein (30 % of your RDA).
  • Toiletries and medicine: Good hygiene is encouraged in the Drakensberg. Don’t forget your teethbrush and face cream sweetheart.
  • Gaitors: (OPTIONAL) great for keeping rain out of your boots.
  • Waterproof bags for your clothing and sleeping bag: A wet sleeping bag or clothing is no joke in the mountains. Make sure you put them in a waterproof bag.
  • Sunglasses: only if you glare
  • 2x 1 litre water bottles: You will be filling up with water whenever we find it. Water bottles are alot easier to fill than bladders.
  • Sunscreen:

How to waterproof your gear

Sealing your gear in waterproof bags for hiking is essential to ensure that your belongings stay dry in wet conditions. To do so, start by organizing your gear into different categories and placing them in individual waterproof bags or stuff sacks. Roll down the opening of the bag tightly to push out any excess air, then fasten the closure or clip to seal it shut. For added protection, consider using a double-bagging method where you place each item or group of items into a smaller waterproof bag before placing it into a larger one. This can provide an extra layer of protection against water, as well as making it easier to organize your gear. Additionally, make sure to store your waterproof bags in the main compartment of your backpack, as opposed to the outside pockets, to avoid any direct exposure to water. By properly sealing your gear in waterproof bags, you can be confident that your belongings will stay dry and protected throughout your hike.


  • You can use plastic refuse bags if you want. They not the best but are better than nothing

What if it rains?

Well then we dish out a big dollop of sympathy and carry on with the hike. Obviously you are going to have to ensure you have all of your bags and yourself waterproofed.Rainy Seasons are from October to March. The chances of rain from April to September are very minimal. But again…we are dealing with mountains and they have their own set of agendas and love working with Murphy and his band of merry law makers. We will check the weather a few days prior to the trip to see if their is a chance of rain. But if Murphy decides to send a cold front, then we need to be prepared.

Madonna Hike

Do we need water purification tablets?

No. The water in the Drakensberg is pure. No human settlement and no animals to pollute the water. Sometimes you get a few floating things like grass and the likes but nothing that will kill you. And water purification drops are not going to dissolve the grass particles either. We have never had an upset stomach from the water.

What about wees and poohs?

Okay so there are a few rules and procedures when it comes to this wonderful human experience in the mountains. First of all let us star of by telling you that there are no toilets in the mountains. Eish. So you are going to have to find a suitable spot for your business. The modus operandi? Dig a whole and a) burry the toilet paper or b) keep it in a ziplock bag and carry the paper out with you.  We leave the mountain as we found it!!!! No trace that we were ever there. And of course you are going to have to bear with us in terms of where you can go. The mountain is pretty limited in terms of space due to the terrain. And privacy is also a big concern. So we will work out a plan on the mountain in terms of how where and how. All part of the experience right?


  • Flinging pooh at fellow hikers is so old fashioned

How do I wash or keep myself clean?

There are obviously no showers in the mountains. And we can’t fit any in our backpacks . So you are going to have to live with the fact that you are going 3 days without a shower. And there is no bathing in the rivers allowed either!!! Unless you are brave enough to jump in without soap.  We respect our rivers and would like to keep them as pristine as possible. Having said that, there are no rivers really on the hike big enough to swim in. So…..its wetwipes and hand sanitizer to keep you all fresh and lovely smelling I’m afraid. And bear in mind you are going to be sharing a tent with a possible stranger so keep those smelly feet under control.

Will he give it back?

Maybe. First of all you are going to have to think of a thought suddenly with the future in mind. Then take that thought and speed it up by 35.8 seconds per metre Once the thought has slowed doen, throw it against a wall. The thought will smash into 5 distinct peices. Take the smallest one and send it to us. We will interpret the answer and let you know if he will indeed give it back.

There we have it sports fans. Fell free to leave a comment below if there is something we have left out. We woukld love to add it to our article.

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