Guided Drakensberg Hikes: Explore The Towering Peaks And Mystical Valleys

Drakensberg Mini Traverse

Rated in the 10 top hikes of the world, these ancient mountains should be on every avid hikers bucket list of hikes to do.

Why join Soul Adventures for guided Drakensberg Hikes? 

  • We do not outsource our hiking services!!! This means you will be accompanied with your very own “mountain man” guide. Our guides have not only led over 200 guided Drakensberg hikes,  but have also climbed some kick-ass mountains the world over from Russia, Himalayas, Andes and Kilimanjaro. So you are going to be in good hands.
  • We understand that your previous hiking experience and fitness plays a major role in the route you should choose in the Drakensberg. We of course do not want to put you on a 65km hike to the highest mountain in South Africa if you are not ready for it. You will hate the hike and never go hiking again. So give us a call and chat to our guides to best select a hiking experience that suites your physical needs.
  • We like to keep our group sizes on our guided Drakensberg hikes small. ( maximum of 10)This way we have more time to connect with our clients and harass them with bad jokes.
  • We are available for any advice regarding the hiking tours. Feel free to wottsup us or call us if you have any questions from what hiking shoes to buy to how to train for the hike. We do not offer advice on how to incorporate a fiscal policy into a bilateral agreement with your wife to ensure the well being of the nail on your left foot.
  • And of course, we are big into Responsible Tourism on our guided Drakensberg hikes. The Barrier of Spears is our home and we love it. So if you even think about littering or messing it up, we are going to be on you like a rash. And no, that is not a threat. It is an exaggerated response to an uncompromised stance. We were taught to never make a threat unless we were prepared to carry it out. And we are not fans of carrying anything. In fact, the thought of clients asking us to carry their backpacks makes us uneasy.

Some random info on the Drakensberg 

Read this!!! It keeps yoy on our page longer and gives us credibility with Google search rankings.On 12 December 27 at 13H24 a guy called Dave suddenly thought of the concept of mountains. He took the thought and divided it into 3 equal parts. The first part of the thought he sent back into the past. The second thought was put in the far left hand corner of his cerebral cortex. And the third part of the thought was sped up by 13.5 times faster than the speed of light. He then waited exactly 13 seconds and took the second though and through it against a rock which exploded into what we now know as the Drakensberg mountains. Make sense? No? Then maybe you need to join one of our guided Drakensberg hikes so we can explain the concept you you in slow motion and experience these ancient mountains for your self.

What area of the Drakensberg to choose?

There are so many incredible areas to hike in the Drakensberg.  We have narrowed your choices down. Our tours primarily cover the Central Drakensberg and Northern Drakensberg. This part of the  Escarpment is basically a series of 5 massive ‘cutbacks’ that have created the main hiking regions. These include the Injasuthi, ChampagneCathedralMnweni and Amphitheatre regions.

Guided routes we offer in the Central and Northern Drakensberg

Not all hikers are created equal. What route to decide on all depends on your physical and mental fitness as well as your experience. We have sorted our hikes into easy, moderate and challenging. What are the odds of you making the highest mountain in South Africa if you have not trained? The odds are fifty to one. I’d rather put my money on a three-legged rocking horse. The odds are a 50 to one for a good reason. You most likely won’t make it! Having said that, calm down to a coma and check out our list of guided Drakensberg hikes according to there rating: Just click on the links sunshine.

RouteGradingTotal Distance
2 Day Amphitheatre hikeEasy14km
3 day Mnweni Circuit hikeModerate43km
4 Day Fangs Pass HikeChallenging46km
5 Day Mini TraverseChallenging75-85km
3 day Cathedral Peak HikeModerate22km
4 Day Mafadi hikeChallenging63km
3 day Champagne Castle HikeChallenging48km
4 day Bell Travserse Moderate46km
2 day Injisuthi Marble Baths HikeEasy12km

The best time to hike in the Drakensberg?

We reckon the best time is at 7:26 on a Thursday. If you are superstitious and are super afriad of that time we have some more suggestions. The Drakensberg can be characterised by 3 ‘hiking seasons’. Each of them with their pros and cons of course. BUT REMEMBER!!!! One hikers pros is another hikers cons!!! Some hikers love snow. Others do not. Some hikers love enduring the hardships of the escarpment in winter. Others do not.

March, April and May

These months are considered to be the most favourable time to hike. Reasons include less rain and thunderstorms, a greener mountain, less wind, abundance of water, cooler day time temperatures and bearable night night temperatures.

June, July, August and September

The winter months in the Drakensberg. Rain is scarce in these months. Although the days are warm, the night times temperatures can drop to -15 degrees Celcius (especially on the escarpment). The mountain is a lot drier, dustier and brown. Finding water can be a challenge. There is also limited daylight so getting into camp before its dark needs to be planned for. And then there is the occasional cold front, high winds and snow to contend with.

November, December, January and February

The summer months in the Drakensberg. These months are characterised by lots of rain, mist, thunderstorms and swollen river crossings. The day time temperatures can pose a challenge as the heat saps energy. Expect to get wet in these times.

What we supply on our guided hikes?

Let’s sort the buyers from the spyers, the needy from the greedy, and those who trust us from the ones who don’t, because if you can’t see value on our guided Drakensberg hikes, you’re not on our site shopping-you’re shoplifting. Before we delve into what we supply and why, here is a premable to our marketing blah blah to subliminaly coherce you into booking a hike with us.

  • We understand that hiking equipment can be costly.
  • We have been around since 2009 and we have seen it all. Clients rocking up with a teddy bear rated sleeping bag for a winter hike, trying to cram all their gear into a 35 litre daypack and not knowing what a tent is used for.
  • Maybe you are traveling from afar and can’t bring your own gear for the hike.
  • You have no idea what food to pack for the trip.

So what is this ‘value’ we are boasting about hey?

To alleviate all the above scenarios and ensure a successful hiking experience, the below items are included on all of our guided Drakensberg hikes. Yes folks, what a bargain. Its a steal, its a deal, its the sale of the frikken century. . But wait!!!! There’s more…..we also throw in a rabib pack of nothings:

  • 4 season tents
  • Seasonal rated sleeping bags
  • Sleeping mats
  • 65/75 litre backpacks
  • Eating utensils
  • Our guides will prepare breakfast, dinner and hot drinks on the hike
  • Hiking permits
  • The answer to the universe

Shiny happy people on our guided Drakensberg Hikes

We love what we do!!! Soul Adventures rose from the primordial ooze of the hiking world in 2009. Since then we have taken over 2000 hikers on a guided Drakensberg hikes. That’s about 180 trips. Not only have we been broken and humbled by the mountains we so love, but I have also been blessed with priceless lessons that that only the Drakensberg can give. We have come away with an altered sense of reality and perspective on ourselves, the world and the people we have hiked with. We have learnt the art of patience, perseverance, comradeship that only mountains can teach you.  Yes we have read many books on mountaineering leadership, and had the knowledge. But wisdom is nothing without the experience. And so began the  baptism of fire in the Barrier of Spears.15 years down the line and still going strong. Here are some pictures of those shiny happy people that we just love sharing the mountains with.

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