Tugela Falls 3 Day Hike

Tugela Falls 3 day Hike

About this hike

Immerse yourself on this incredible Tugela Falls 3 Day Hike which has been designed to be an incredible weekend getaway. The route follows the exact same as the 2 day version however we spend a day relaxing on top of the escarpment. Now we know what you are thinking. Why would I do a hike over 3 days when I could do it over 2? Well there are a few reasons why this is a better idea:

  1. you have a better chance of seeing the mountains in full glory. Unfortunately sometimes the weather can be less than hospitable and for travellers with minimal time you want to make the most out of your time, especially to see these mountains. For example, mist isn’t uncommon in the Drakensberg and having less than 10 meters of visibility isn’t great when it comes to seeing the mountain range.
  2. Spend a day relaxing on top of the escarpment doing yoga, going for a swim in the Tugela River just above Tugela Falls which is the longest waterfall in the world so definitely a must.
  3. a relaxing hike where you don’t feel rushed.

The Route

The Tugela Falls 3 Day Hike follows the exact same route as our 2 day hike however the difference is day 2 being spent exploring the top. We’ll be able to summit Crows Nest, Mont Aux Sources and beacon Buttress along this Tugela Falls 3 Day Hike.

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What do I need to bring for this hike?

We pretty much provide a fully catered service for the Tugela Falls 3 Day Hike and pretty much every other hike we offer. We handle all the logistics from meals to equipment. all you really need to bring on this hike is your can-do-attitidue while we bring the can’t-do-attitude. When we say don’t be a negative Nancy we mean do as we say and not as we do.

Tugela Falls 3 day Hike
Tugela Falls seen on our Tugela Falls 3 Day Hike

Why book this hike with us?

Soul Adventures has been around for 20 years now and all of our guides have as little as 10 years hiking experience in these mountains alone. we know these mountains like the back of our hands and have experienced every possible “attitude” it could offer. We’ve been in intense storms, dealt with injuries and even gotten lost… don’t be worried, we haven’t been lost in a few weeks so you’re in a capable hand. Hand meaning I lost the other one on Everest. when you book this hike with us you’ll receive:

  • equipment for the duration of the hike which includes a 4 season tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, backpack and eating utensils
  • 3 meals a day on the mountain as well as a variety of hot drinks which include French press coffee, a variety of tea and hot chocolate
  • all hiking permits and park fees
  • a cheeky discount when purchasing food from Mama Alles
  • another cheeky discount when purchasing clothing and equipment from Mountain Mail Order
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  • qualified mountain guide and wilderness first responder
  • dinners, breakfasts and hot drinks on the mountain which our team will prepare
  • equipment including four season tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, backpacks and eating utensils
  • hiking permits
  • return sa hustle from Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge to Sentinel Car Park
  • professional photographs from our resident photographer (weather permitting)
  • discount when purchasing equipment or clothing from Drifters
  • spend time exploring on this Tugela Falls 3 Day Hike
  • swim in the worlds longest waterfall
  • an authentic multi day trekking experience

Day 1:

Our meeting location for the Tugela Falls 3 Day Hike is located at Witsieshoek Mountain Lodge. Hikers are required to be here by 10am. The drive down from JHB takes roughly 4;30 hours. Once here we introduce ourselves, check everyone’s packs then move onto a safety briefing. Once all this is done we load you into our van and take a slightly bumpy drive up to Sentinel Car Park.

Once at the car park we’ll warm up with some stretches before embarking on this incredible 3 day hike. The first part of the hike is often the hardest as we ascended 250 vertical meters within a 2km period. This section is know as the zig zag. From here it’s flattens out into a gradual ascent until we reach the chain ladders. This is where most people get nervous but not to worry, our guides will have ropes and harnesses on them for your safety. From here its a gentle stroll to our campsite at Tugela Falls where we will spend the next 2 nights.

Day 2:

We begin day two of this Tugela Falls 3 Day Hike with a weary cup of coffee and sunrises. You have some leisurely time to get ready before we begin our day hike which will be dependent on what the group wants to do. There are some really nice pools along the river which we will also be able to take a dip and cool off in if the weather is pleasant!

Day 3:

The final day of our Tugela Falls 3 Day Hike sees us returning the same way we climbed up. Don’t worry the chain ladders are better going down than up. We aim to be back at the lodge by 1pm at the latest. Giving you enough time to return from whichever hobbit hole you came from.