Rolands Cave Overnight Hike

Rolands Cave Overnight Hike

This incredible and challenging Rolands Cave overnight hike explores one the Drakensberg’s most scenic regions as well as offering hikers a chance to stay in what we believe to be the most scenic cave in the whole mountain range.

Rolands Cave Overnight Hike

About this hike

First things first. Did you hear about the Russian politician that took a s*** in a can? They called him poo-tin… right, now back to the topic at hand. We should start off by saying that the Rolands Cave overnight hike is a difficult one.. like really difficult.. like if it is your first hike then you should rather be looking at our overnight amphitheatre hike. You’re still on here? Then you must be fit.

The Rolands Cave overnight hike covers 20km over a 2 day period with nearly 2000m of elevation gain on day one. If that isn’t exciting enough for you yet then let us not forget to mention the sketchy 30 meter traverse that we will have to do to access Roland’s Cave.

What do I need to know before booking the Rolands Cave overnight hike?

Well the most important thing to remember before booking this hike is that your money will be transferred to our account in the Cayman Islands. Secondly that was a joke. Thirdly are you ready to learn more about the Rolands Cave Overnight Hike?

Besides the Roland’s Cave overnight hike being physically difficult remember that you’ll be carrying a full backpack which will include your sleeping equipment, clothing and portion of the food. Unless we have already booked the cave we will also be taking tents with which will add another 2.5kgs to our pack weight so be prepared.

Additionally there are a few scrambling sections along the camel, nothing too hectic though. The walk into Rolands Cave can also be quite daunting if you have a fear of heights. Do we recommend this hike if you are afraid of heights? No can do. Unfortunately there are plenty sections that involve a head for heights and you don’t want to be freaking out at each of them.

The Rolands Cave overnight hike is set over a two day period so guess what that means? No need to take leave! Woohoo.. unless you want to do it during the week.. then you will need to take leave.

Is there accommodation in the area for before or after the hike?

Of course. The closest options are the Cathedral Peak Hotel which is a wonderful 4 star, sell your left toe to get a room Hotel. But for those of us without big budgets will have to settle for the San Parks Lodge known as Didima which in my opinion is actually one of the best in the berg and offers some incredible views of Cathedral Peak. Both are a great place to stay before embarking on the Rolands Cave overnight hike.

  • qualified mountain guide and wilderness first repsonder
  • dinner, breakfast and hot drinks on the mountain which our team will prepare for you
  • equipment usage including sleeping bags, sleeping mats, backpacks and eating utensils
  • hiking permits
  • free 5kg stone in your backpack
  • discount when purchasing equipment or clothing from Drifters

Day 1:

Our meeting location for the Rolands Cave Overnight Hike is at the Cathedral Peak Hotel at 8:30am. Yes yes, woah is me for having to wake up so early. That’s why we recommend driving down the day before and staying someone in the area tom avoid the 2am drive from Johannesburg.

Once we’ve all gathered here we will take a moment to discuss hope the Danmcing with the stars has affected our liviliyhoods and devise a plan to overcome the terror. Afterwards well do a brief introduction followed by a pack check followed by a briefing. Next up you follow us into the mountains by putting the one foot in front of the other.

The first half of todays hike takes us past ribbon falls cave with nearly 600m of vertical ascent over 4kms. Once here well stop for a short snack break before continuing to our lunch spot just below the Camel. Our lunch spot offers some incredible views of the Column, Pyrimaid, Bell Traverse and Cleft Peak. After lunch we’ll tackle the final part of the hike making our way up through the camel and up organ pipes pass before reaching our humble abode for the night in Rolands Cave.

Day 2:

3 angry ninja ping pong balls wake us up just before the crack of dawn.. and no, that isn’t a person on the hike, we think. Morning coffee will readily available throughout the morning. After sunrise we’ll pack up, have some breakfast and begin our descent down back to Cathedral Peak Hotel via the same route we ascended. We aim to be back at the cars by 12pm. Here we’ll say our farewells over a possible beer and lunch at the hotel.

  • Have the soltuide of hiking the Rolands cave overnight hike without masses as it is a lesser done hike
  • an authentic multi day trekking experience in the Drakensberg Mountains
  • possible summit of Cleft Peak