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What is it like to climb Kilimanjaro?

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Climb Kilimanjaro and expand your internal limits. Change your perceptions on life forever.

“We reach the top of Kilimanjaro and scream in triumph, knowing that something fundamental has changed inside of us. Yes, there might have been a tear or two, but guess what? Climbing Kilimanjaro taught us this: All our doubts, fears and uncertainties were are left behind. They are left back there on the summit, rapidly evaporating like our footprints. All our imagined horrors have dissipated, leaving a new, more positive reality in their place.”


We have helped over 500 people realise their dream of standing on the highest point in Africa: Kilimanjaro



Kilimanjaro Route Summary and Overview

Yip, you guessed it. As if you didn’t have enough stress already. Now we want you to decide on the best route to climb Kilimanjaro from. Aaaah. And the internet is full of millions of companies with millions of answers. Well, the best route to choose is the one growing from trees. Or, for the more technically adverse individual, we suggest that when you get to a fork in the road-take it. What was that? You are looking at climbing via the Marangu ( Coca-Cola) route? Umm, we just realised that we are not available for those dates. We recommend any of the routes other than the Marangu. What route do we choose from then the man in the back row screams out? Well, its all dependent on what you want. Most routes on Kilimanjaro offer a good acclimatisation plan. They are also equally scenic. The only factor to take into account in your decision is maybe the amount of hikers on the route and the level of cleanliness. Most of the routes on the Southern circuit land up a camp called Barafu which is not for the faint hearted. If you are a vomit collector, maybe aim to stay here an extra few days to examine the many artefacts that have been uncovered by hikers in the last few years. Below is a summary of the routes.


Kilimanjaro Route





Success rate

Marangu Route






Machame Route




pretty high


Lemosho Route






Shira Route






Rongai route






Umbwe Route



very high

very quiet


Western Breach



very high




Effects of Altitude on Kilimanjaro

Ok, so lets get one thing straight. We are a reputable trekking company that has been guiding on the slopes of the mighty Kilimanjaro for over 6 years now. Well maybe we shouldn’t be quoting 6 years as we do not know when you will be reading this. Obviously if you are reading this article next year, it will 7 years. So please call of the lawyers and chill out. Right so what are the possible effects of altitude on Kilimanjaro besides the usual suspects like headaches, nausea, dizziness, eye balls popping out of your skull and swollen hair. . Well if you make reference to the below picture you shall see that Kilimanjaro can create some adverse behaviour in the human species. Childish we say.

climb kilimanjaroclimb kilimanjaro









Why climb Kilimanjaro?

Click on this link and READ THIS NOW!!! Might bring some perspective on your experience and hopefully life: Conquering fear

I still remember my first time to climb Kilimanjaro back in 2004. The anticipation of the climb consumed my thoughts for months before the climb. The first time I saw Kilimanjaro, it was from the plane window, and wow, did it take my breath away. To climb Kilimanjaro is the ultimate challenge that the average person can succeed in conquering. But what a journey. Looking back on my experience, I can clearly see how this magnificent mountain has influenced my life. Kilimanjaro has been the catalyst into bigger and greater challenges, both internally and externally. Climb Kilimanjaro for a fundamental shift in reality.


 Latest Client Comment on their Kilimanjaro climb:

Guy Pringle Asante Darren! A great expedition, brilliantly organised, and a huge thanx to Thomas & Felix for running such a slick operation! We wanted for nothing and got way more than we expected. Felix is one of the most humble and honourable men I have ever met. He is passionate about the mountain and treats his team with respect! A good man I am proud to call “friend”!


climb kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro climbing dates .

March April May June July August September October November December
06-14 03-11 01-09 05-13 03-11 21-29 12-21 23-31 20-28 16-23

**Although we do have set expedition dates, feel free to contact us regarding alternative dates. We carter for all seasons and all numbers.

Kilimanjaro Route Overview and estimated cost



R19,500 R33,000 R42,200



Guide Guide Guide
Climbing   permit Climbing permit Climbing permit
Basic Hiking   Food 3 meals/day on Kili 3 meals/day on Kili
2 nights accommodation 2 nights accommodation 2 nights accommodation
Transfers from   Hotel Transfers from Hotel Transfers from Hotel
5 x training   sessions Porters Porters

Sleeping Mats Sleeping Mats
Porters Cook Cook
Flights 5 x training sessions Portable Toilet
Travel Insurance
Sleeping mats Dinners at the hotel
Dinners at hotel Tips Dinners at the hotel


The language spoken on Kilimanjaro

The primary spoken language when climbing Kilimanjaro is screaming. Ok, it’s not that bad. Just persevere and you will you will find yourself celebrating on the summit of this small hill known as Kilimanjaro. And no, that is not a threat. It was an exaggerated response to an uncompromising stance. We were taught never to make a threat unless we are prepared to carry it out and we are not fans of carrying anything. Even watching our clients carrying their heavy backpacks on Kilimanjaro makes us uncomfortable. Mainly because we are worried they will ask us to help carry the stuff.

climb kilimanjaroclimb kilimanjaro






With its snowcapped peak, the highest mountain in Africa stands 5895m above sea level. Men and women, experts and novices, have always been both intimidated and intoxicated by, and inexplicably drawn to this natural wonder. Ancient tribes have worshiped it. A famous cabbage from Peru who has asked to remain anonymous called it ZaggaZagga once, but the world now knows it by one word that looms larger than life: Mount Kilimanjaro.

What route to choose when climbing Kilimanjaro

We suggest you take the one to the left .Of all the Kilimanjaro routes, the most popular route with our clients has been the Machame route. However, we do like to take some of our daring clients up the Western Breach which is the most difficult and dangerous of the Kilimanjaro routes. The great thing about this Kilimanjaro route is that climbers get to spend a night sleeping next to the ancient glaciers. And if the climbers are feeling up to it, we take a 30 minute walk to the crater rim.All of the Kilimanjaro routes have their benefits and challenges.kilimanjaro routes


What our customers are saying about climbing Kilimanjaro with Soul Adventures


Kilimanjaro trip with Soul Adventures”5 of 5 stars Reviewed 7 October 2014An amazing experience!!! Well organised and professional. Soul Adventures handle their trips way different to other travel companies I have used in the past. Their passion for mountains is magnetic. Darren and the team were actively involved in every aspect of the trip. From training, buying of equipment and basic climb preparation. I don’t think my summit would have been so easily achieved if it were not for there dedication and time. I strongly suggest the Drakensberg hike with Soul Adventures. The 3 day hike was a good way to help me prepare both physically and mentally for the climb. Darren kept on emphasising the need to be mountaineering fit. The high altitude bug has bitten and I am looking forward to climbing Elbrus in june next year with Soul Adventures. I highly recommend them Visited July 2014
Hi Darren.Thank you SO much for an absolutely mindblowing Kilimanjaro expedition!! There were moments that were breathtaking (literally and figuratively) and moments that pushed me beyond all self-imposed limits. I went to places in my mind where I never thought I could…Your team was great. Beatus was good fun and the support staff were warm and supportive in everything they did. We couldn’t have done it without them. Asante sana! Shivani Ranchod.Cape Town South Africa.
Where to start, Climbing Kilimanjaro was an experience of a lifetime which Soul Adventures helped make a reality! Darren’s personal touch from the onset was amazing, we met for coffee first where he spent a good two hours explaining everything about Kilimanjaro from routes, weather, acclimatisation, training, gear, all of it! When he gets talking, there’s no stopping him, his passion for Kili really comes through! When I confirmed, we met up again to go through the requirements and we went to stores to look at the type of gear and he explained what sort of things to look for and things that would and wouldn’t be required because sales people will try to sell you the store and with me never having been hiking before, this was foreign territory.From the time we arrived in Tanzania we were well taken care of, there were small issues with the accommodation etc but his guys (Mike) sorted everything. There was always someone who accompanied us as long as we were out of the hotel, always great to have a local with you in a foreign country! Kili itself was a 5 star camping experience, we couldn’t have been better taken care of, 3 fantastic meals a day (im a fussy eater and the food on the mountain was better than the hotels), a separate tent with a portable toilet, warm water everyday to clean ourselves, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. We always had 3 guides for the 6 of us. These guys have a depth of experience and are vigilant the entire time to make sure your coping, stepping right, etc. I am partially sighted and fully night blind and they took that into consideration. For the night climbing, I had a guide in front of me, where he stepped, I stepped and there was a guide right behind me, everytime I miss stepped, he grabbed me and steadied me again… knowing I was in safe hands gave me the confidence to soldier on under those extreme conditions. We chose to ascend the Western Breach via the Umbwe route, definitely the road less travelled and now I understand why, beautiful scenery but treacherous conditions. Beatus, August, Mark and Stathos, 4 amazing guides that got us through it… a sweet victory and an extremely proud and emotional moment at summit!Apart from a minor accommodation issue, a well organised trip with moments that will break you, build you and take your breath away. Sad its over!Apart from Kilimanjaro, i have been with Darren Rock Climbing and hiking in the berg, you will always have a fantastic time, lots of jokes and awesome environment for adventure, highly recommend these guys!
Hi Darren,Thanks so much for the most amazing week on Kilimanjaro. I think it has to rate as the most challenging thing I have ever done but I enjoyed every minute of the adventure. Thanks for all your organising and helping to make it such a memorable occasion.Best regards,Jane DittbernerMy husband and I decided to climb kilimanjaro with Darren at Soul Adventures in december 2012. The most comforting thing was that darren and his team have a passion for what they do. Climbing kilimanjaro with Soul Adventures was exhilirating & inspiring! There was an emphasis on safety, enjoying nature and stepping outside of your comfort zone.This is my first ever review, because I was so deeply moved by Soul Adventures!I just want to say THANK YOU to you and your team for getting us up and down the mountain safely. It was an experience that I will forever treasure. Riana VD Merwe-Cape Town

Kilimanjaro climb climb kilimanjaro

A clients view on their Kilimanjaro climb

A Clients reveiw of climbing Kilimanjaro via the Machame route The new season is starting, but I just wanted to share what happened in the little off period I had. In August my sister and I took on the highest mountain on the African continent, Kilimanjaro, and it was glorious. On the 24th of August we embarked on a 7 day, 6 night hike to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, in the beautiful country of Tanzania, via the Machame Route. It is also worth it to point out that this is also called the Whiskey Route and also the most scenic. Hiking Kilimanjaro was one of those things that I have waited and wanted to do for as long as I can remember and the same goes for my sister, Mala Read more of their Kilimanjaro experience by clicking here



climb kilimanjaro

the summit of Kilimanjaro

The success rate on climbing Kilimanjaro?

Ok, another question that always gets asked. What is the success rate on Kilimanjaro. Now this is where the statistics get a bit debatable. The true summit of Kilimanjaro is Uhuru peak which, being called a summit, is surprise surprise,situated at the top. About 60m lower than Uhuru is a spot called Stella Point. The authorities of Kilimanjaro recognize both as an ‘official’ summit. many climbers make Stella point and just do not have the energy left to make the 2 hour round trip to Uhuru peak. The climb is recognized as a ‘summit. So this is where the statistics get a bit skewed. The figures mention a 98% success rate when climbing  Kilimanjaro. In our opinion, maybe 40% of those 98% turn around at Stella point. Now if my nursery school maths is correct, that means statistically, only 60% of climbers actually reach the true summit of Kilimanjaro. But then again, I’ve also heard that 56.45% of all statistics are made up on the spot. So there you have it. Maybe more of a motivation to make the top knowing that you have a 60% chance of reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Are you going to make the Kilimanjaro climb?


If you have slight chance,we are going to have to answer you from the perspective of a recently found angle discovered in Antarctica. And it’s not an oblique angle of 23 degrees either. The chances have been plotted at 89.3% if you are prepared both mentally and physically. If that doesn’t work, try multiplying  the probability of a specific event like making the summit of Kilimanjaro  by one another event like climbing Everest in blue underpants. There is a box on the top of Kilimanjaro that  contains 4 blue vomits, 5 red vomits and 11 white vomits. If three vomits are drawn from the box at random, what is the probability that the first vomit is red, the second vomit is blue, and the third is white? The answer can be found in the box on top of Kilimanjaro under the 3rd stone from the left as you approach from the East.

The frosted tent fabric sparkles in the light of a torch beam where Brett sits hunched besides me in the cramped tent as we attempt to climb Kilimanjaro. He spoons a mouthful of noodles from his old army mug. I slurp my own tepid spoonful,which tastes a bit like chicken. Or is it mushrooms, or maybe beef? What does it matter? It is purely functional,fuel for the climb, a last attempt to stoke the furnace for the long journey ahead.We have moved beyond the world of sensual pleasure. On Kilimanjaro,there is no finesse: all that matters is survival. And yet, we still feel a great surge of excitement and pleasurable anticipation. We have been consumed by this wild,crazy,beautiful odyssey.

People who climb Kilimanjaro

People who climb Kilimanjaro range in age, reports of climbers as young as young as 16 have climbed Kilimanjaro. Men and women in their 40s and 50s have been informed by doctors and hysterical loved ones that they were much too old to climb Kilimanjaro. Something in their nature drove them to grab their backpacks, pull on those hiking boots, invest in some equipment, and begin climbing-sometimes not even knowing why it was so life affirming to them. They simply had to do it.Climbers arrive day after day from every country in the world. They have different political and religious backgrounds, but looking up at the glacier strewn peak, they are exactly the same, with one goal-to reach the African sky

climbing kilimanjaro climb kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro?

Well apparently a Greek dude by the  name of Diogenes saw them in the first century A.D. The exact time cannot be documented as his Rolex wasn’t working and no-one had a notebook to document it. We found this out from the aliens who arrived from Jupiter on the same day and sent us a text message.  In 1848, Johannes Rebmann, a German dude,spotted them yet again; his report was dismissed as crazy until his craziness was confirmed. ‘There are glaciers on the equator??’, and curiously enough, nowhere else on the continent of Africa.The highest of Kilimanjaro’s glaciers spills through a breach in the cratered dome of Kibo, which is Mount Kilimanjaro’s major peak,where it glistens under the equatorial sun.Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, consists of three volcanic summits (Kibo,Shira and Mawenzi) spread along a broad plateau and splendidly visible in every direction from a distance of more than 150km. Kibo’s majestic summit dominates the horizon. The summit is known as Uhuru peak ( 5895m) which is situated on Kibo

climb kilimanjaro









I’ve often been asked, ‘Isn’t it an anti climax after reaching the  summit of a mountain?’ The answer is an emphatic no. Yes, reaching the top is important to me-I don’t think I actually realize just how important until I actually reach the top. Reaching the top is a natural ending to any climb. After hours, days and even weeks on a mountain, with a view that often limited by a looming ridge in front of you, there is an extraordinary sense of elation when you reach the top and you can look all around you. The sense is particularly strong on the higher mountains, like when you climb Kilimanjaro, when everything below you is dwarfed in comparison. Gives me an awesome view on perspective. It helps me realize that the mundane ‘challenges’ of everyday life are actually meaningless in the broader scheme of things.

Darren MacDonald. Soul Adventures


Looking good while you climb Kilimanjaro is of the utmost importance. Imagine the embarrassment and horror of being exposed by family and friends with a creased shirt. Soul Adventures care about our clients dignity and have therefore put together some important educational facts as well as an educational video  to aid you in this difficult en devour to climb Kilimanjaro. The first thing you need to do is invest in a good quality iron and ironing board. There is nothing worse than getting caught in a snowstorm on Kilimanjaro with sub standard equipment. The second thing one needs to do is see a head shrink to understand if there was a slight chance you were dropped on your head as a baby. If the quack gives you the all clear, trekking on the slopes of Kilimanjaro beckon.

climb kilimanjaroclimb kilimanjaro

Best time to climb kilimanjaro

[sc:popup] Best time to climb Kilimanjaro Best time to climb Kilimanjaro | When is the best time to climb? Many people want to know the best time to climb Kilimanjaro. What time of the year is best both from a weather and traffic point of view. From previous experience, we have found that the best …

Climber scales the shrinking glaciers of Kilimanjaro

Climber scales the shrinking glaciers of Kilimanjaro Who will be the last person ever to climb the ancient  glaciers of Kilimanjaro ?Will Gadd might just be that person “It was literally disappearing in front of my eyes.”   Ok sports fans and ping pong ball eater alike, we all know that the ancient glaciers of …

Climbing Kilimanjaro Advice

[sc:popup] Comprehensive Advice for Climbing Kilimanjaro Our climbing kilimanjaro advice has been composed by our guides. It comprises most of the questions asked by our customers.   Once upon a time, there was small orange dot that decided to eat a brick. The End Medication for Climbing Kilimanjaro Advice Make sure you have had your …

Climbing Kilimanjaro FAQ

[sc:popup] Climbing Kilimanjaro FAQ Frequently asked questions on climbing Kilimanjaro. We have answered somes of our clients concerns regarding the climbing of Kilimanjaro Ok sports fans, here are some of the questions we have received from our clients regarding climbing Kilimanjaro. Hope they help. If you have any questions that you need answering, please feel …

Clothing for Kilimanjaro

Clothing for Kilimanjaro should follow the basic principle of layering-a wicking base layer, insulating mid layer and a windproof outer layer The basic principles of a good, wicking base layer worn next to the skin, an insulating mid layer and a windproof, waterproof  and breathable outer shell is key to keeping warm on the slopes …

everest base camp

Conquer Fear

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rock climbing

Cost to climb Kilimanjaro

[sc:popup] Cost to climb Kilimanjaro Cost to climb Kilimanjaro | How much does it cost to climb Kilimanjaro Find out the cost to climb Kilimanjaro and what this cost includes. The cost to Climb Kilimanjaro is quickly forgotten when you are standing on the summit  Find out the cost to climb Kilimanjaro and what this cost includes. …

umbwe route

Diamox on Kilimanjaro

[sc:popup] Diamox on Kilimanjaro? What are the risks? What are the alternatives? Read up on what a seasoned climbers thinks about the use of Diamox on Kilimanjaro. What is the best thing to do to prevent altitude sickness on kilimanjaro   Ok, Diamox on Kilimanjaro. The last time we looked, ( which was at 19H34 on …

lemosho route kilimanjaro

Effects of Altitude on Kilimanjaro

[sc:popup] The effects of altitude will most likely be felt on your Kilimanjaro climb.Learn how to recognise the symptoms There are many scientific articles available on the effects of altitude on body while climbing Kilimanjaro. A lot of the articles can get quite involved. Altitude sickness and the effects of altitude on your body are …

Hiking Equipment for Sale

[sc:popup] Kilimanjaro hiking equipment for sale.   Do you want to save on hiking equipment ? Are you considering buying a piece of equipment that you have always wanted, but your wallet just does not link up with the price of the equipment ? We are selling old Kilimanjaro hiking equipment at a discounted rate …

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How to Climb Kilimanjaro

[sc:popup] Here are our tips on how to climb Kilimanjaro for all routes Looking at climbing Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa? Read up on our comprehensive guide on how to climb Kilimanjaro from all routes Ok, so according to the latest statistics on climbing Kilimanjaro, research has found that 45.23% of all hikers start their climb …


[sc:popup] Kilimanjaro. A clients perspective of their Kilimanjaro climb. Share in our clients account of their Kilimanjaro climb. Learn how 10 brave ladies followed their dreams of standing on the summit of the mighty Kilimanjaro Our group of 10 Ladies climbing Kilimanjaro departed this morning. They will arrive in Kilimanjaro this evening and start their …

Kilimanjaro Equipment Cost

[sc:popup] Kilimanjaro equipment cost What is the estimated Kilimanjaro equipment cost. Find out here A successful summit attempt on Kilimanjaro is not only about mental and physical stamina.Your equipment plays a massive part as well. Yes, you may have to remortgage your house, sell the cat and cut back on the fillet steaks for a …

Kilimanjaro Equipment List

[sc:popup] A successful Kilimanjaro climb is highly dependent on your equipment. Our Kilimanjaro equipment list has been created through years of trial and error. The biggest factor to worry about when climbing Kilimanjaro is this: Cold is a killer. Add the effects of wet and windy conditions, which often intensify the effects of low temperatures and a climber on …

Kilimanjaro Facts

Kilimanjaro Facts Kilimanjaro is the best known mountain in the world. And the easiest of the 7 summits to climb. An attainable peak for hikers with minimal experience Od all the continental mountains in the world, Kilimanjaro is undoubtedly the easiest to climb. Kilimanjaro attracts many climbers from all over the world. Sometimes there can …

Kilimanjaro Full Moon Calender

[sc:popup] Plan your Kilimanjaro summit attempt with our Kilimanjaro Full Moon Calender. Many hikers on Kilimanjaro prefer to summit when there is a full moon. Try to plan your Kilimanjaro summit attempt with our Kilimanjaro full moon calender below. A full moon on Kilimanjaro coupled with an awsome Kilimanjaro sunrise is wow!!! If you would like to meet with one of our …

Kilimanjaro itinerary

  KILIMANJARO ITINERARY TO DOWNLOAD THIS DOCUMENT IN PDF click on the following link kili quote Machame   Standard packages starting from Moshi Optional flight booking ex Johannesburg: Prices starting from R 7500* per person return economy class including airport taxes Climbing arrangements (excluding flights) Description Group size Single          Two to five …

Kilimanjaro Routes

[sc:popup] Kilimanjaro Routes Choosing between the various Kilimanjaro routes can be quite a decision. Explore the various Kilimanjaro routes from machame to Lemosho Selecting whicjh of the Kilimanjaro routes you want to climb can be quite a tough choice for most willing climbers. What considerations should you take into account? Are you after a serious challenge with …

kilimanjaro training advice

Kilimanjaro Training Advice

[sc:popup] Kilimanjaro Training Advice | Training Schedule and advice Explore our Kilimanjaro Training advice. Preparation is the key to a successful and enjoyable Kilimanjaro climb and summit attempt KILIMANAJRO TRAINING ADVICE Anyone who is looking at climbing Kilimanjaro must understand that Kilimanjaro is a physical undertaking. Now why did we even bother mentioning that? Of course its a physical undertaking. …

the tenst used on kilimanjaro climb

Tips for climbing kilimanjaro

[sc:popup] Explore a clients tips on climbing Kilimanjaro Read an unbiased opinion from a past client. Having successfully climbed Kilimanjaro in 2012, she provides her own tips for climbing Kilimanjaro My Name is Laura Ashley ASmith and I climbed Kilimanjro with Soul Adventures in January 2013. Here is what I learned in all the research …