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On Your Journey There, When You Get There, There Is Not There

Each adventure travel package is designed to help you to escape, at least momentarily, the man made world and to bring you face to face with the power of nature. You may be thrusted into an unfamiliar environment with challenges and risks you won’t find at home. You may squirm, sweat, shake, or do all three simultaneously. At some point along the way you may ask yourself: ‘what on earth was I thinking?‘ Consider that moment a rite of passage.

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A Word From Darren

Owner And Chief Mountaineer At Soul Adventures

Climb Elbrus from South Africa Soul Adventures Expeditions Climbing 2018 2019 2020 SA DM

I really enjoy meeting expectant new-comers before a trip or the seasoned expedition adventurer, whether they are here to trek in the Drakensberg, scuba dive with sharks or participate in any other of our unique experiences, then observe the changes in them when they return from their adventure a few days later. Sometimes it is just a faint smile of satisfaction, while at other times a grin as big as the glaciers on Kilimanjaro. Occasionally it may be that there is a dash of disappointment at a missed summit through weather turning at the wrong time, or conditions not being safe on a particular route causing a turn around. While not always beer and biltong, it sure beats trying to elude life’s challenges in pursuit of a comfortable existence! Guides and climbers in the Soul Adventure extended family are trudging over several other parts of the world right now, while others are getting set to head out on adventures and trips.

Darren MacDonald