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Gliding Adventure Flights

Enjoy the freedom of the limitless sky on a gliding adventure flight. Gliding is held at the magaliesberg Gliding club

Enjoying the freedom of the limitless sky. Relax as you take off in these amazing  gliders, then be enthralled at the awesome views over the Magaliesberg

Come gliding in  a ‘State of the Art’ glider. Only 40 minutes from Sandton, Gliding Adventure Flights take off from the Magaliesberg Gliding Club.It is the only way to experience the exhilarating experience of gliding whilst you soar over the spectacular scenery of the Magaliesberg. You will fly with a highly qualified glider instructor who will demonstrate to you how to fly a sophisticated glider and you will be welcome to take the controls and discover just how easy it is to fly a glider.

Gliding is the ultimate free flying experience. It is a truly diverse sport that can be enjoyed at all levels: from the thriving club scene, to aerobatics, to international racing championships.

The gliding aircraft you can fly soar using the same air currents that birds use to fly, but have also been designed with the kind of aerodynamic efficiency that enables top speeds of up to 190 kph. Distances of over 700 km have been covered in one day  and heights of almost 40,000 feet have been achieved. Gliding gives you the freedom to explore the world from a unique birds eye view and discover the many moods of the sky.

Gliding is also a sport for all ages – from those who go solo on their 16th birthday through their club cadet schemes; there is no upper age limit.

gliding adventure flightsgliding adventure flights

Ok, let’s get all the technical gliding jargon out of the way. The primary spoken language when gliding is screaming. Ok, it’s not that bad. Just don’t vomit on the pilot. And no, that is not a threat. It was an exaggerated response to an uncompromised stance. We were taught never to make a threat unless we are prepared to carry it out and we are not fans of carrying anything. Even watching our clients carrying the heavy winch hook for gliding  makes us uncomfortable. Mainly beacause we are worried they will ask us to help carry the stuff.


Aero-tow flight

The gliding aircraft also known as a glider  is towed into the air by a single engine plane. Once the sufficient height has been reached, the cable attached to the two aircraft will be detached.

Winch launch flight

The gliding aircraft is launched into the air via a winch which pulls the glider down the runway until the gliding aircraft is airborne. Gliding is dependent on thermals.And by thermals, we don’t mean the stuff you wear on Kilimanajro. These thermals are a tad different.

Motor Glider flight

These unique gliders are equipped with a single propeller engine. They take off on their own steam and once a thermal has been found, engine power is cut allowing you to experience the thrill of gliding.

Gliding Adventure Cost

  • Aero-tow flight: maximum 30 minute
  • Winch launch: flight time between 2 minutes and 30 minutes
  • Motor glider: maximum 30 minute





Directions to the Magaliesberg Gliding Club

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