A variety of Upcoming Drakensberg hikes to choose from.

Hey guys,

Here is the list of upcoming drakensberg trips with links to the information pages. We have also rated the trips from easy to challenging. Please make sure you choose wisely. The Mweni, Champagne Castle and Mafadi hikes although stunning are not for the faint hearted or unfit hearted,  Please contact us for more information or to make a booking.

Cant find Upcoming Drakensberg hikes that suite your dates?

Chill Winston. Give us a  shout and we will create one that suites your hiking requirements. Even if you are a solo hiker, let us know a date and we will see what we can do. If we can’t slot you into existing upcoming Drakensberg hikes, we will advertise on our social platforms and fill the tour up.

These are the upcoming hikes for 2021

Hike Date Duration Cost Difficulty Distance
Mnweni 26-28 Feb 3 days R1,800 Challenging 42km
Cathedral Peak 12-14 March 3 days R1,800 Moderate 21km
Cathedral Peak 20-22 March 3 days R1,600 Moderate 21km
Mnweni  26-28 March 3 days R1,900 Challenging 42km
Amphitheatre 3-4 April 2 Days R1,600 Easy 14km
Cathedral Peak 9-11 April 3 days R1750 Moderate 21km
Mnweni 12-14 April 3 days R1600 Challenging 42km
Mnweni 24-26 April 3 days R1,800 Challenging 42km
Mafadi 29 Apr-2 May 4 days R2,900 Challenging 63km
Champagne Castle 15-18 June 3 Days R2,200 Moderate 42km
Mnweni 24-26 September 3 days R1,900 Challenging 42km