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Explore the best Drakensberg hikes from the Northern to Central area. There are many Drakensberg Hiking Trails to choose from. But which one’s are the best?? We have been involved in guided Drakensberg hikes for over 15 years. We might be able to enlighten you Drakensberg hikes per region Right then. Let’s start off by

What are the critical aspects when it comes to Drakensberg Hiking Safety? So I have decided to go against my usual proverbial writing grain, given the topic of conversation, and keep this article on Drakensberg Hiking Safety a lot more formal than I usually do. The Drakensberg is an incredibly beautiful environment, but can quickly

Details of the 3 Day Mnweni Hike-the most scenic hike in the Drakensberg There is no better way to enjoy the sheet magnificence of the Drakensberg. Join us on this 3 day, 2 night Mnweni Hiking Trail in the northern part of the mountains Mnweni. Dates of the Mnweni Hike 16-18 April 2021 Cost of

Details of the 3 Day Cathedral Peak Hike-19km in 3 days Join us on this 3 day, 2 night Cathedral Peak Hike in the central part of the Drakensberg mountains. The hike is perfect for novice hikers or for those of you who would like to experience the magic of the Drakensberg. The hike is

On the roof of Southern Africa-The mighty Drakensberg Mountains In the never ending process of creating the Drakensberg, the principal tools of nature have always been fire, water and wind. The combined efforts of these elements are clearly evident and even today, this gigantic mass of rock is still in the throes of construction. How

Why in the world would you want to tackle the Mnweni Circuit Hike? Alright then, so there we have it. The question has been posed? And it is our duty to oblige. In a nutshell, the Mnweni circuit hike is rated as one of the best hikes to do in the Drakensberg. The scenery is

Advice for surviving a Drakensberg hike Let us start off this incredible article by answering the question to the first question ever thought of before a thought of a Drakensberg hike existed.  Its best not to know what you don’t need to know. You should not even know that there are things to know that

Best time to hike the Drakensberg As she seductively reached out for his warm embrace, the passion between them exploded into a cascade of wet kisses and wrongful probing. “Oi? Wozz goin on ‘ere?” Not sure. But now for something completely different. An article illustrating the best time to hike the Drakensberg. Hiking in the

5 Best hikes in the Drakensberg Dear Dave, please can you send naked pictures, or I set my dogs on you. Now that we have your attention, I’m sure you will enjoy reading our advice on the 5 best hikes in the Drakensberg. Let’s start off by sorting the buyers from the spyers, the needy

The highest mountain in South Africa The name bequeathed by the local Zulu people to the highest mountain in South Africa is ‘Mafadi’ Shew. Now why in the heck would we be using such antiquated words like bequeathed? Make us sound kleva maybe? Nope. We reckon, 90% of people reading this article will not know

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