Surfing lessons Hermanus

Surfing lessons Hermanus



Surfing lessons in Hermanus

Always wanted to learn  how to surf? Hermanus is fast becoming one of the best adventure tourism destinations in South Africa.The rugged coastline boasts heaps of world class waves as well as perfect beginner surf breaks.


The cost for Surfing lessons Hermanus

R450 for a 1 hour session

Includes the wetsuit and surfboard.

Surfing is great way to spend your day. Sun, salt and sand are a virtuous blend. We all surf for different reasons. Freedom, fitness, adventure, the adrenaline of the drop or the simple pleasure of getting wet. If I were to ask you why you surf, you’d probably initially reply, ‘because it’s fun’.

What to expect with Surfing Lessons Hermanus

The surfing lessons are done on one of Hermanus best loved beach known as Voelklip. Experienced and certified instructors will teach you everything you need to know to make the most of the waves on offer.

With a mixture of theory, beach training and in water practical lessons they’ll teach you everything from popping to paddling techniques – turning you into a competent and confident surfer.

The surfing lesson is all dependent on the weather, tides, ocean conditions and availability.

Wottsup us on +27837042912 to make an enquiry.

Great holiday activity for the kids

Surfing Progression

If you opt for more surfing lessons, the instructors will take things even further with more advanced techniques, mastering unbroken waves and learning even more about how to navigate the waves.

When you’re not busy surfing you’ll have plenty of time to kick back by the fire with your new found surf buddies and explore the other incredible attractions Hermanus has to offer. There are some great whale sighting tours, beach hikes and kitesurfing. Or if surfing is not you thing, head up to the Drakensberg for a hike.

Suitable for all levels of surfer – whether you’ve never had a lesson before or are already comfortable riding waves.

What makes Surfing in Hermanus so great?

1.Learn to surf with the best.

Learning to surf in Hermanus with our instructors  is a great idea because they know what the heck they’re doing! What you SHOULDN’T do is rent a surfboard from your backpackers and then try to teach yourself. We admire your sense of adventure and courage, but that also sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

2. Surfing  Locations

If you learn to surf with us, we help you access some of the better beginner’s locations, so that you’re not too far out of your depth. Once you complete your lessons and feel a bit more confident in your skills, you’ll have a lot more surf spots of Hermanus at your disposal!

3. Options for private lessons

Does it intimidate you thinking about learning to surf with a group of strangers? If so, that’s okay! We offer private lessons. So you can get one-on-one time with your surf instructor.

4. Get fit holiday

Some people like to spend their holiday in Hermanus kicked back on the beach sipping an undercover Pinot Noir, but that’s not you, right? Learning to surf will be a productive way to spend your time and make the most of your holiday.You’ll meet new people, gain new skills, and live each day to the fullest potential. At the end of your lesson you’ll be so glad that you decided to spend your time out on the ocean instead of laying in the sand (and, don’t worry, your tan will be just as good).

5. Hermanus is just incredible

You probably already suspected this, but…Hermanus is pretty darn cool. Learning to surf here doesn’t have to be the only purpose of your trip. Extend your time in Hermanus.There’s a LOT to see and do. Hermanus is an incredible destination for every type of traveler, so don’t limit yourself during your trip.


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