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If you’re looking for online adventure store you’ve come to the right place. We have backpacks, hiking gear, sleeping bags and much more

Our online adventure Store is designed to get you prepared for your next adventure. All our staff climb, hike, ride and trek so we know how important having reliable gear is – that’s why we test our gear to its limits before we sell it.

What are the benefits of our online store you may or may not be wondering

[important]If you are an existing client or have booked a trip with Soul Adventures, we will give you a 15% discount on the listed items of this site.[/important]



Online Adventure Gear – We have the outdoors… online At Soul Adventures we love running our online adventure  store. It gives us the chance to work in an environment we love and sell the outdoor gear we use for holidays, weekends and every chance we get to go on an adventure! It doesn’t matter if you’re climbing in the Drakensberg mountains, trekking in the Himalayas, or searching for the latest camping gear online, we have all the adventure gear you need right here – it’s the outdoors online.

Outdoor Equipment Online – Your next adventure starts here If you’re looking for outdoor equipment online you’ve come to the right place. We have backpacks, hiking gear, sleeping bags and much more. We are your outdoor store… online! Many outdoor adventures go wrong because people weren’t prepared or didn’t have the right gear. If you’re thinking about backpacking, climbing, trekking, camping or have a journey planned soon, take a look around our online outdoor equipment store.

Hiking Equipment Online – Adventure? We’re in boots and all Choosing the right hiking equipment can mean the difference between having an exciting, fun and most of all comfortable trip. Get the wrong gear and you can end up with blisters, chafed skin and a sore, tired body at the end of a long day hiking. We have a great range of hiking equipment in our online store ranging from hiking poles, backpacks, hiking tents, jackets and cooking and hydration equipment. You name it… chances are we stock it.

Camping Equipment – Battle the great outdoors with gear from our store! From sleeping bags to lightweight tents cooking gear to small orange dots that eat snails.

Backpacks Online – When there’s adventure to be had we’ve got your back… pack When you’re travelling your backpack is your lifeline. It holds all your clothes, valuables, gifts for family and all the things you need for a great holiday. It doubles as a pillow, a chair or an umbrella. You can use it to get a better view, push through thick bush or wrap it up and float down a river. Your backpack is probably the piece of equipment you’re going to use the most on your next adventure.

Outdoor Clothing Online – When it comes to clothing we’ve got you covered When it comes to clothing it can be the difference between being comfortable and warm or cold and miserable. Depending on your environment and the weather it can also mean the difference between life and death so getting the right outdoor clothing is a must when you’re travelling to remote, cold or hot and harsh climates.