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Our Soul purpose?? To help our clients remember who they are!!Most people are so caught up in the business of everyday life that they have totally forgotten. Stripped of all the modern comforts, titles and stress,you allow yourself the space to remember. We provide the space, you remember.

Hi Darren,Liana has already spoken to you  but I would also like to express my appreciation to your team for this past weekend.  They made us feel so at ease because of the relaxed way in which they handled the whole weekend.  The amount of information regarding Kili as well as the Drakensberg were so interesting and did give us a new perspective of “climbing mountains”.   They were extremely helpful and a load of fun.  We can’t wait for our next weekend together.I did post quite a few pics on my FB under my name.  Heide had a bit of a problem with her camera and I took some picks of the flowers, grass and terrain in general for her.  She can get them from there.THANKS AGAIN!

Advantages of using an adventure travel company

There is an obvious reason for booking a trip through a reputable adventure travel company . My mom says that ti because all the logistical details like transportation, accommodation, meals, stupid jokes are all organised. This is an advantage on any ambitious adventure and is critically important on expeditions to remote regions. However sports fans, there is another common demoninator in this adventure equation-the guide. Poor guy/gal. The responsibility to ensure our clients have an absolutley amazing experience is mind boggling. When I think of the best adventure tours I’ve taken, five stand out: Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Patagonia and the Serengeti. The common element in all these has been the guide — expert and impassioned, with a lively sense of humor, who has elevated the experience from good to transformational.

Naturally, not just any guide can create an awsome experience for the client. A great guide is a combination teacher, therapist, entertainer, shepherd, navigator, nurse and oh yes, a mad man – ensuring clients are safe and satisfied while keeping their own passion and humor intact. It’s an extraordinarily demanding role, but when played well, it can add incalculable value to a trip.

To put a human face on these exceptional people, I asked a number of our Soul Adventure guides to recount a situation where they had made a difference in their clients’ experience. Their answers illuminate the multiple roles great guides are called on to perform – and the multiple ways in which they can enrich a traveler’s experience READ MORE….


Soul Adventures are fascinated by what seems at first glance impossible. The ultimate challenge in life is to convert the impossible into the feasible.Soul Adventures understands the powerful allure of adventure, and because of this we offer a generous selection of the most remarkable and daring adventure holidays.The what and why of adventure are the reasons for life. Only through one’s own experience can one analyze motives and feelings.Adventure means cautiously stepping into the unknown, with an awareness of the unknown, igniting our fears that seem to control us, (usually more imagined than real) and overcoming them . Adventure is a love of the wild emptiness of nature and the elements that control it.




The basic satisfaction of adventure is both physical and mental with an extra ingredient of risk. It is a hot and invigorating spice that adds an addictive flavor to the game. Whether the mountain is kilimanjaro,aconcagua or the drakensberg , the risk is tasted through the exhilaration that comes from challenging one’s ability against the unknown and winning. Being the master of one’s destiny, with one’s life literally in one’s hands, is what gives adventure its fascination. Adventure gives a heightened awareness of everything around.It involves a journey, or a continued venture, in which there are the elements of risk and the unknown that have to be overcome by the physical and mental skills of the individual. Adventure is something that an individual chooses to do. While there has been an explosion in the number of people going adventuring, the way adventuring is pursued has changed. We seem to have entered into an era of ‘adventures on a plate’, neatly packaged and sold at an appropriate price. You can join any expedition to climb Everest, scramble up the cliffs of Kilimanjaro, and plunge into the sea with sharks. The terrain remains the same. Everest,kilimanjaro, aconcagua, drakensberg and the ocean are no different from a hundred years ago.Our aim is create unique,interactive travel experiences where our clients can escape,at least momentarily, the manmade world and to be brought face to face with the power of nature.You may be thrust into an unfamiliar environment with challenges and risks you won’t find at home. You may squirm,sweat,shake,or do all three simultaneously. At some point along the way you may ask yourself: ‘what on earth was I thinking?‘Consider that moment a rite of passage.


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Soul Adventures is all about the experience. The company and its affiliated suppliers have had the great fortune to adventure all over the world. We have also met many people who have accomplished difficult things, overcome many an obstacle, be it either internal or external. There is no single corrective objective in life’s adventures, there only possibilities. Possibilities to journey deep into the realm of who we really are. A realm that is filled with fears and tribulations that make us who we are. A realm where those fears and tribulations are experienced on a primal level, thus allowing us to free ourselves from our minds.

We have a style of travel to suit just about every level of budget,comfort,activity,and even cultural interaction in most adventure specific activities such as mountaineering ,scuba diving, wildlife safaris and even adrenalin adventures such as skydiving and bungee jumping in most of Africa and South America.




We run over 50 exciting eco adventure trips every year. Each trip is designed by our ‘adventure experts’ to ensure that you can travel to unfamiliar places to enjoy a mix of ‘must see’ highlights and unforgettable cultural experiences. You will see and do more than you ever could travelling on your own and without the hassle of organising it yourself. You’ll join a small group of like-minded travelers on each trip, and have a local leader to look after day-to-day matters (hangovers not included).

Soul Adventures has passion and enthusiasm for adventure travel, reflected by the fact that many of our staff have done a variety of our trips, thus enabling us to pass on firsthand experiences and develop trips which offer you the best and most authentic experiences.

We really do celebrate local differences and ensure we make a positive impact on the destinations we travel to. We contribute to many sustainable development projects and partnerships around the world and ensure as much money as possible stays in the destinations we visit.

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Want to comment on your experience? What our customers are saying about the Pilanesberg Day Trips Good Day Jade My guests have confirmed the wonderful trip – Thank you! I will be sure to recommend & use Soul Adventures in the future. Kind Regards,Mohamed It was an amazing experience- Jade gave us the best guided …

Elements of adventure

  The elements of adventure: A sense of risk An awareness of beauty The exploration of the unknown. At its most satisfying the unknown would be one of a rapidly dwindling number of places in the world, but almost equally satisfying is a personal unknown, even if others have trodden that path before. The romantic …

Our aims and objectives

How we work to maximise the positive effects of tourism Local group leaders/staff welfare-local group leaders are employed on more than 90% of our trips, and we aim to use local guides and support staff where possible, providing employment for local communities. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our local suppliers, by working …

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Social Responsibility Maximise the positive effects of tourism on local communities Our aims and objecives We recognise that the destinations we visit are affected by our trips, so we ensure they are designed and operated responsibly, maximising the positive effects of tourism Our social responsibility Soul Adventures work with a number of charities and local …

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