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Drakensberg hiking trails

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Drakensberg hiking trailsDrakensberg hiking trails


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Our most popular hike. We have taken over 300 people in the past four years on this amazing Drakensberg hiking trails trip. Originally a 3 day hike, we decided to make it into a weekend hike as most people could not get leave on the Friday. The trip leaves on Saturday morning early and returns again on Sunday afternoon. Our Drakensberg hiking trails includes a lot of trips, especially when you are so tired that you cannot lift your hiking boots and  trip over the rocks. Some hikers even trip over their thick lips. The primary spoken language spoken on the Drakensberg hiking trails is screaming. Ok, its not that bad. Just persevere and you will make it to the top. And no, that is not a threat. It was an exaggerated response to an uncompromising stance. We were taught never to make a threat unless we are prepared to carry it out and we are not fans of carrying anything. Even watching our clients carrying the equipment makes us uncomfortable. Mainly because we are worried they will ask us to help carry the stuff.

What our customers are saying about Drakensberg hiking trails with Soul Adventures


    • Michelle TandyI am so proud of all my friends who hiked up sentinel pass, bravely went up and down chain ladders and all came down safe and sound! What a fantastic day
    • Hi Darren,Just a thank you note to all at Soul Adventures for a great weekend. Jon and Andrew really took good care of us. We hope to see you guys soon on our next adventure.Kind Regards Eurika du Plessis
    • Hi Jon, Just a big THANK YOU from Addicted2Adventure for the great weekend in the Drakensberg – we really enjoyed it
    • Akbar Alli HassimWe had an AWESOME weekend. was a true Adevnture of the Soul. Darren – AMEER – we could not have had anyone more inspiring on this journey! thanks a mil.
    • I really want to thank you for an amazing time and great experience! I cant tell you how ‘whole’ I feel today. I hope that you one day spot that smoking cow ;-). Therese Kruger
    • It was our first time hiking and camping, i know we were slower at times (which was most of the time) but thanks so much for bearing with us and making sure we get through it but most of all for the excellent time management, you always got us back with sufficient daylight which was my biggest worry! For me, this was the most “out of my comfort zone” that i have ever been but i feel like im on top of the world having pushed myself beyond what i thought was my limit. If this feels so great, i can only imagine what conquering Kili would feel like 🙂
    • Maralise Meyer-Moller Thanks for a great 2 day hike in the Drakensberg. It was an amazing experience. Can’t wait to join you for more adventures in future
    • Janine Ehmke Swart Thank you Darren and Leo, for an awesome weekend ….
    • Jenu mathews: Hi Darren,Thank u so so much for the great weekend in the Drakensberg! I still cant believe its done!Had a wonderful time.


Why Drakensberg hiking trails you may or may not be wondering?

Such are the ingredients of the relationship between the Drakensberg and men. But they do not provide a complete answer to that inner impulse for my ambition to go hiking in the Drakensberg.  For myself, I am content that the Drakensberg has powerfully influenced my life. Of all the adventures I have been on, I treasure my store of memories, some of them as vivid as when the events took place.Among my best memories include having dinner on top of the Amphitheatre in a tux through to getting caught in a lightning storm in a cave, to ironing a shirt on the notorious chainladders, to of course the beauty of the Drakensberg hiking trails when the snow comes. Maybe the best answer on why people love the Drakensberg hiking trails so much is best answered by the individual once they have spent some time on this mysterious deity of nature. Maybe the love starts with an awareness of the beauty of the Drakensberg, a sense of curiosity of what is around the next corner or the thrill of reaching the top and suddenly having the ground dropping away into the valley below. There is a level of exploration. It doesn’t matter that some-one else has been there before. For the individual, it is their first experience, their first sight of that particular view.

Drakensberg Hiking Trails: A Clients Opinion

If you only ever get to do one hike – THIS IS THE ONE!! I cannot stop talking about how beautiful this day was – it literally takes your breath away (and not just the steep climbs).READ MORE….

Drakensberg Hiking trails: The Amphitheatre

“In my opinion, when it comes to hiking in the Drakensberg mountains, the Amphitheatre hike is a must. The route follows the direction of monte souxes via the the Gully or chain ladders. The route is very scenic with some dramatic cliffs and gullies. The hike itself is not too challenging, although there is a descent/ascent up chain ladders which could be quite hairy if you are scared of heights.Come on, challenge yourself. Step out of the comfort zone!! Hiking in the the Drakensberg will help you escape the void of madness called reality.   Drakensberg hiking trailsDrakensberg hiking trails

Why do hikers love the Drakensberg so much ?

The question can be answered the best by your local mountaineer or Spiderman if he is available, which is never as he got a job as an ice-cream man selling blue flavoured ice-cream and works from 7-7 so you never get to see him. It is easy to quote the famous mountaineer Mallory’s answer about his ambition to climb Everest-“Because it is there”. Climbers are aware of the urge to test our nerve and skills in some pretty hectic places like Aconcagua ( bugger of a mountain), but we draw back from self-analysis. Yip, the reasons why may differ between individuals, but all climbers would probably agree that mountains, great and small, easy or difficult all present a challenge ( at the very least they provide a strenuous form of exercise!!). Maybe when hiking in the  Drakensberg, hikers share a sense of empathy with the whole environment in which they hike; a feeling of absolute freedom when in the mountains. There is a special quality of comradeship, which is born from interdependence in difficulties and the sharing of the experience as a whole. As we grow older, this may be the most enduring of pleasures.

Maybe spending time on Drakensberg hiking trails boils down to this:

  • the joy of physical achievement
  • the excitement if risk
  • the attraction of the unknown
  • the camaraderie and friendships formed
  • the spur of competition ( damn testosterone)
  • gratification of ego
  • The free grain of sand

The Amphitheatre The main feature of the Amphitheatre is your guides bare bum. Ok, I take that back. I promised to stop my childish ways. Let’s start that again. The Amphitheatre which makes up our Drakensberg hiking trails, is a rock wall approximately five km in length which has precipitous cliffs rising 1220m along its length and is widely regarded amongst hikers and eco adventure people alike as having one of the most impressive cliff faces on earth. A definite port of call when hiking in the Drakensberg. The cliff face of the Amphitheatre is roughly three times the size of the total combined area of all the cliff faces in Yosemite’s National Park in the USA. The Amphitheatre is more than 10 times the size of El Capitan’s most famous (South Western) face. The Amphitheatre is over 5 km (3.107miles) in length and has precipitous cliffs rising approximately 1220m (4000ft) along its entire length. The bottom of the valley floor, is over 1830m (6000ft) below the highest point of the amphitheatre (the summit being over 3050m (10000ft) above sea level – with Mont Aux Sources just over 3254m (10678ft) above sea level). The Tugela Falls, the world’s second tallest falls, plunge over 948m 3110ft) from the Amphitheatre’s cliff tops.


Drakensberg hiking trailsDrakensberg hiking trails




Drakensberg Hiking Trails: Amphitheatre: Day 01: Today sees an early start to the day. Is it today? I hope not, because we wrote this article on a Wednesday which is not today any more as the day in mention has become the past. We leave JHB at 05H30 in the morning. Once we are all packed and ready to go, we make our way to Harrismith which is about 280km away. Drive time is about 3 hours. After a quick breakfast in Harrismith, we drive through the town of Qwa Qwa and up to the Sentinel carpark which is situated at about 2100m. The last 10km of the drive is truly spectacular!! After a we have gathered our equipment, done one last check, finalised the climb briefing, our Drakensberg hiking trails begins. Ok, so we know our grammar sucks, but we are trying to use the keyword Drakensberg hiking trails for the search engines. They did not have Drakensberg hiking trail (without the ‘s’) available. Right, back to issue at hand-Depending on group dynamics and fitness, we aim to head on up the Sentinel Gully and set up camp on top of the Western Buttress. The views from this camp site our spectacular!! After setting up camp and making dinner, we kick back and enjoy the solitude and magnificence that the Drakensberg offers so freely.


Drakensberg Hiking Trails: Amphitheatre: Day 02: Today sees us awaking to what will be a beautiful sunrise. ( weather permitting of course. It’s a bit hard to see the sun in thick fog or rain. Rules of the mountain, not man, so we just accept the cards the mountain deals us). After breakfast, which is not going to be eggs and bacon as the fridge gets a bit heavy to carry, we pack up our tents/camp spend some time exploring the escarpment-Amphitheatre. We begin by trekking down to the source of the Tugela. (The second highest waterfall in the world). After a brief rest, we will continue our descent via the chainladders back to the Sentinel carpark. The trek down should take about 2 hours. After loading up the vehicle, we take a 20 minute drive to the local watering hole for a celebratory drink. After drinks, we take a leisurely drive back to JHB via Harrismith.


WHAT TO EXPECT ON DRAKENSBERG HIKING TRAILS: You may squirm, sweat, shake, or do all three simultaneously. At some point along the way you may ask yourself: ‘What on earth was I thinking?’ Consider that moment a rite of passage. The trip is a journey in which there are elements of the unknown that have to be overcome by the physical and mental skills of the individual. What you take away from it goes well beyond the satisfaction of pushing your limits. It will change who you are from the inside out. Hiking in the Drakensberg itself is not too hectic. A couple of steep sections, but nothing that cannot be overcome. The average time taken to reach the summit is about 3 hours. The key physical factor to take into account is hydration. Make sure that you drink enough water. Another factor, is keeping dry. Make sure you have the correct protection against rain. ( This includes both yourself and your gear:sleeping bag and cloths being the most important)


Join us on our Drakensberg HKiking Trails and you may be lucky enough to land up this crazy guy.

Drakensberg hiking trails


  • All transport costs
  • Dinner and breakfast on the mountain
  • Tents
  • Sleeping mats
  • Cooking and eating utensils
  • Parks Board Fees
  • free abseiling
  • Guide

Just a few things in advance on what to expect in terms of Drakensberg hiking trails:

  • No toilet facilities on the Amphitheatre ( this is the part where you say oh yay)
  • Our water supply is taken from the rivers found on top of the mountain. ( nothing better than drinking pure unpolluted mountain water. You can bring water purification tablets if you feel uncomfortable with this). Having said that, be prepared to go nearly 3 days without a bath. ( another part where you say yay!
  • The mountain has its own rules. Us mortal humans, as important as we think we, are have zero control over the conditions. We may have continuous rain and wind or we may have beautiful sunny weather. We play whatever cards we are dealt.
  • You will be required to carry your own gear in the ruck sack and part of the provisions and tent. (including putting up the tent) Sorry, part of the surviving experience.
  • As for the cooking arrangements, you will be provided with the cooking equipment and a food pack. Again, to enhance the overall surviving experience, you cook your own food. ( remember the rite of passage thing!)

Drakensberg hiking trailsDrakensberg hiking trails

Travel Dates: Contact us for more details.



hiking trails in the Drakensberg

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