Hiking Trails South Africa

Hiking Trails South Africa | Guided hiking trails in South Africa

Explore our various hiking Trails South Africa.Hiking trails South Africa include the Drakensberg as well as walking safaris in the Kruger and Pilanesberg

We offer several types of hiking trails South Africa. The hikes vary according to the grade. Sometimes we make use of a ‘base’ camp where hikers spend the day hiking and returning back to base camp for dinner. A good example of this can be found in our slackpacking hiking trails.  Then there are pure wilderness backpacking trails. This invlolves us hiking with all our provisions and spending the evenings surviving the elements of nature. And maybe a dash of Grandads old cough mixture just to make the surviving experience a tad more endurable, if you know what we mean. Nudge nudge, say no more. Our variety of hiking trails South Africa  vary in duration from two to eight nights. We have designed set hikes in South Africa, but we are flexible when it comes to our clients needs. Speak to us about creating a custom hike for you. The general procedure on our treks  is to  hike through the wilderness areas camping in different sites for the nights-this obviously depends on weather and hikers abilities. Group dynamics are a key factor in our choice of routes and distance. Even though we are all for you pushing your internal limits, the overall hiking experience is still a key factor in our hiking trails South Africa. We are not going to put a moderately fit hiker on one of our extreme hikes.


hiking trails in the Drakensberg

hiking trails south africa

Creating unique and interactive hiking trail experiences

Soul Adventures is dedicated to making our hiking trails South Africa a memorable and awesome hiking experience for our clients.We like to  keep our hiking trails South Africa very interactive,informative and life changing. Not only do you get to experience the elements of nature, but you also get to enjoy the hiking trails from a different perspective. Activities such as map reading, orientation, abseiling and survival techniques are usually shared on our hiking trails South Africa trips. Our philosophy of giving more than we take ensures that our clients return from their hiking trips enriched and fulfilled. being a part of our clients experience and challenges is what drives us. When we are  hiking in the Drakensberg for example, the group relies on each other to survive. Most people are way out of their comfort zones on our hiking trails South Africa trips. but that is what it is all about. Pushing your limits and surviving. Giving one a different perspective on life and yourself.  If you would like to explore the philosophy and drive behind our  adventures, click here: conquering fear on our hiking trails South Africa Adventures

Hiking Trails South Africa: Choosing of camp sites

The camp sites on our hiking trails South Africa are chosen for their beauty and practicality. in our safari hikes for example, hikers often experience the magic of  sitting in camp and watching animals going about their daily routine oblivious to the trekkers sitting nearby. If you see Spiderman, we suggest you bury your head in the ground. Most camp sites  are close to a good fresh water supply. We were thinking of setting up camp next to a nuclear power station, but the hiking permits were hard to come by. Nothing better than drinking pure clean drinking water from the top of the Drakensberg. Ok, maybe there a something a wee bit better- adding the pure clean water to a good whiskey and watching the sun go down at 3000m. Our hiking trails South Africa to the Drakensberg usually ensure that we will be the highest people in South Africa. Imagine that. Sipping a good port with your legs dangling over a 1000m drop and 46 million other South Africans below you. Now thats something to write, I mean e-mail home about.

hiking trails South Africa

hiking trails South Africa











As for the effect our hiking trails South Africa have on the environment ??

Actual camping on our hiking trails South Africa is done on a ‘minimum impact, leave no trace basis’. Our hiking trails South Africa have a special place in our hearts and we are passionate about the environment in which we hike. Take the Drakensberg for example, we see these majaestic mountains as our second home. All we ask is that our hikers leave only footprints.If you are really good you may be allowed to take a small stone home with you as a rememberance of your hiking trails trials and tribulations.  Most hikers that embark on our hiking trials South Africa trips always love the toilet pack. And what is a toilet pack the man in the back row is asking? It consists of a trowel, toliet paper and a lighter. Now this is where the hiking adventure gets intersteing for most people. When hikers need a number 2, ( a pooh for the less informed) while hiking in the Drakensberg for example, they need to dig a hole with trowel ( half a hole is not enough), do the number 2 and then bury the number two. A bit like a cat if you will. The toilet paper is then burned. Sorry guys, hsi is the way it is on our Hiking trails South Africa adventures.

Video illustrating the awsome veiws of the Drakensberg hiking trails in South Africa

What happens to those who litter on our hiking trails South Africa you may or may not ask?

Well littering on our hiking trails South Africa  in any form is going  to earn you a Burmese-roundhouse-sphincter-kick with a follow up of the three fingered eye-jab. Would it hurt? Hell yes!!Let’s just say that you won’t be the prettiest person at a Justin Bieber concert anymore….it’s also quite difficult to pick up your teeth with broken fingers. So that’s our terms and conditions. Easy Peasy Japenesey.

On our wildlife hiking trails South Africa ,food is suplied and all hikers help with cooking and preparation. Sorry guys, part of the thing called the ‘rite of passage’ that our hiking trails expect.

One of the more memorable duties, which is more specific to the wildlife safaris is night watch. On these hiking trails, all hikers stand watch during the night for an hour or so.  This is to ensure the safety of those sleeping and to check animal movement near the camp. Also helps to keep Spiderman from stealing your socks.This is an incredible time to reflect on the hiking trails of the day, your life and where you are going. if you were thinking of going South West, maybe considering going North. Might be a better chance of seeing a rare blue eyed lion killing frog.


hiking trails South Africa

Waterfall found on our hiking trails

hiking trails South Africa

9 Summits Challenge

Climb the 9 highest summits in each province of South Africa The trip involves over 4000km through the 9 provinces of South Africa. The total height gain is equivalent to climbing Everest Ok, So we are looking at doing something a tad different. A road trip that covers over 3500km and sees us climbing the …

Cathedral Peak hiking trail

Join us on a hike on the magnificent Cathedral Peak hiking trail, this trail has some spectacular views all round.   Dear Olga, I am interested in your profile very much. Please could you send naked photos before I send cash. . Oh, wait, sorry. Our Apologies.Wrong website. I guess you are on this site …

drakensberg amphitheatre

Drakensberg Amphitheatre

  Join our 3 day hiking adventure in the Drakensberg Amphitheatre region Our adventure package includes 3 days and 2 nights of hiking, abseiling and fun in the Drakensberg Amphitheatre area. We spend the nights in base camp. Superior Safety Standards Expert Drakensberg Guides’Personal Trip PlannerFood and NutritionAbout the DrakensbergSoul Adventures Guest Reviews You’ve seen …

Drakensberg hiking trails

Join our weekend Drakensberg hiking trails Transport Included Enjoy the freedom of our Drakensberg hiking trails. Life becomes incredibly simple and all the minor issues of existence fade away into irrelevancy Looking at joining our Drakensberg hiking trails for the weekend? No need to take leave!!     Superior Safety Standards Expert Drakensberg Guides’Personal Trip …

hiking in the drakensberg


[sc:berg] Experience hiking in the drakensberg from the Sentinel to Cathedral The weather patterns in the Drakensberg can be very unpredictable and when hiking in the Drakensberg, hikers should always be prepared for the worst. Summers are mostly warm with some very fearsome thunderstorms; Autumn usually brings low cloud,heavy mist and cool temperatures; Winter can …

hiking trails south africa giants cup drakensberg

Giants Cup Hiking Trail-Drakensberg

[sc:berg] The Giants Cup Hiking Trail in the Drakensberg is an excellent introduction to these majestic mountains     The Giants Cup hiking trail is an awsome way to see the beauty of the Drakensberg. The trail covers about 60km over 4 days. The trail starts in the Sani Pass area running southwards towards Bushmans …

Top of Judges pass on the way to mafadi

highest mountain in south africa

  Climb Mafadi,  the highest mountain in South Africa Topping out at 3,451m above sea level, Mafadi Peak is officially the highest mountain in South Africa. Join our 4 day guided hike. Transport Included Superior Safety Standards Expert Drakensberg Guides’Personal Trip PlannerFood and NutritionAbout the DrakensbergSoul Adventures Guest Reviews First are the Injasuthi Triplets-awesome turrets of …

drakensberg hiking trails

Hiking in the Drakensberg-Monks Cowl

Hiking in the Drakensberg | Spend 3 days hiking in the Drakensberg Spend 3 days hiking in the Drakensberg area of Monks Cowl.We hike to the top of Champagne Castle via Grays pass. Hiking in the Drakensberg is truly amazing Superior Safety Standards Expert Drakensberg Guides’Personal Trip PlannerFood and NutritionAbout the DrakensbergSoul Adventures Guest Reviews …

Mini Traverse Drakensberg

[sc:berg] Guided hikes on the spectacular mini traverse in the Drakensberg The mini traverse Drakensberg is a mixture of absolute beauty, tranquillity and of course a dash of hard work. The hike takes 6 days.   Here is some information on the mini traverse Drakensberg hike. And as luck would have it, we have some time on …

Slackpacking Drakensberg

[sc:berg]“You’ve seen unwashed, malnourished hikers shuffling down the peaks of the Drakensberg . You’ve heard about the Spiderman killing snakes that crawl into your tent for warmth in the night. You’ve encountered backpackers with tons of gear, pots, pans, and a box of ping pong balls-sopping wet and cold from a night in the mountains-and …