Hiking equipment for hire

Hiking equipment for hire in South Africa

Don’t spend serious cash on expensive hiking equipment? Our services include Hiking equipment for hire in South Africa. Rent instead of buy

Soul Adventures Gear Hire, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is the place to hire all your hiking and trekking equipment. We can help you out with backpacks, gaitors, windproof jackets,gloves , panties and sleeping bags  for both Drakensberg hikes as well as Kilimanjaro trips
Why Hire equipment ?

  • One doesn’t need to clean, service, repair or store the equipment.
  • You have access to high quality equipment at low prices.
  • Equipment delivery and pickup available.
  • Cost effective for large groups.
  • We control ant infestation of the zips so they don’t eat your apples
  • You can invest the money you are saving by renting instead of buying in a bespoke turnkey company that yields a 12.45% return on investstment if invested before 23H30 on a Thursday evening

Sometimes hiking equipment for rental is a great option if you are looking to gear up for a trip.

You know the times, when a piece of equipment breaks or you have serious doubts about how your backpack will survive a few days or will your sleeping bag be good enough. Stress not. We have hiking equipment for hire in South Africa for the both novice and experienced hikers alike

Hiring equipment  also gives you the chance to try out different gear at a reduced cost, instead of paying the full price. No use spending R3000 on a sleeping nag only to find you are not that into hiking after your first trip. If you don’t want to hire the gear. Hire the clutch.

Our hiking equipment  consists of high quality gear that has been tried and tested in the harshest conditions like my mother in laws lounge.

Hiking equipment for hire in South Africa:

Our hiking equipment for hire in South Africa is a ridiculously low. We are willing to accept reasonable offers for group bookings. And by reasonable, I don’t mean walk up to me and tell me you’ll give me R20 for a sleeping bag for it. That’s liable to earn you a Burmese-roundhouse-sphincter-kick with a follow up of the three fingered eye-jab. Would it hurt? Hell yes!!Let’s just say that you won’t be the prettiest person at a Justin Bieber concert anymore….it’s also quite difficult to pick up your teeth with broken fingers.

Item Cost of Rental ( duration of 1-3 days) Deposit
Sleeping Bag ( from -8 – 0 R250 R2200
Backpack (80L) R200 R2000
Waterproof Jacket R150 R1100
Walking poles R50 R300
Gaiters R50 R120
 Ice Axe  R300  R1500


Seems expensive? ( seems like a quote is in hand compliments of A Guy called Ritchie)

Well, this seems to be a complete waste of our time. Service and hiring  fees for this caliber of equipment is over R500 an item in any country you’re lucky enough to find them in. And you’re haggling over the price? What school of finance did you come from? “It’s a deal, it’s a steal, it’s the Sale of the Century!” In fact, I think we’ll keep it! Hiking equipment for rentalHiking equipment for rental


Terms and Conditions:

Ah, the inevitable term and conditions. Sorry guys. Has to be done. Why? Because we have been done in the past. Blame the dunners of the past.

    We accept credit cards, EFT or cash. All customers must be 18 years old or older in order to hire. A replacement deposit will be needed in order to get the gear and will be held against you until ALL of the gear is returned. The deposit will be given back to you upon the return of the gear in the same condition as you received it. 
    The rental gear is your responsibility at all times from the start point of the hike and until the hike has being concluded. If any of  the equipment are missing or otherwise not returned to us, we will be keeping your deposit to cover the costs of the desired equipment that has being lost. 
  • No refunds on non use of items. For example. If you hire rain jacket and it does not rain on your trip, don’t even think about asking for a refund. If you are thinking of asking for a refund under those conditions, please try an alternative supplier like Wingjongzugga rentals.

What we need from you for hiring hiking equipment from us:

  • Umm, if its equipment like jackets, size would be nice
  • Oh and quantities. If you order 1 sleeping bag we bring 1 sleeping bag. If you want 3 sleeping bags, order 3 sleeping bags. No good trying to squeeze 3 people into 1 sleeping bag.
  • Our panty sizes are limited so please book in advance to avoid dissapointment

Hiking equipment for rental hiking equipment for rental