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Guides and Safety Policy

Expert Drakensberg Guides

Our Drakensberg guides have had over 10 years guiding experience in the Drakensberg mountains. Guides are trained in First Aid, navigation and mountain survival We have been guiding in the Drakensberg for over 10 years!!   Our  Drakensberg guides have extensive knowledge of the region (which includes the terrain, conditions, client interaction and of course first aid). All of …

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Food and Nutrition on Drakensberg hike

Ok, so hiking in the Drakensberg is not only about the mental stamina, it is also going to take some physical stamina as well. Having done all the mental and physical preparation for your climb, it is nice to know that your nutritional needs are going to be taken care of on the mountain. One of the …

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Personal Drakensberg Trip Planner

All of our Drakensberg trips include a personal Trip planner who will assist you with the preparation  for the hike. This includes training and equipment Hiking in the Drakensberg is not always a walk in the park. Soul Adventures understands that there is a lot of planning and worry that accompanies any hiking or travel experience. …

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Superior Safety Standards

Emergency Gear and  Safety Policy on Kilimanjaro   Because the Drakensberg hiking is regarded as a moderate to extreme hike depending on the route chosen, we have installed a rigid safety policy safety. There are the chances of many possible emergency situations. To ensure a successful and enjoyable summit, our treks include what and who you need to enjoy …

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