Great Selection of Guided Drakensberg hikes-Mweni, Mafadi, Cathedral Peak, Amphitheatre and more

Explore the towering peaks and mystical valleys of the ancient Drakensberg mountains on a guided hikes. Rated as one of the 10 top hikes in the world, these ancient mountains should be on every avid hikers bucket list of hikes to do.

Red or blue pill?

So how do we even begin to try and explain the immense beauty and untouched ruggedness of the Drakensberg Mountains? We could take the easy path and make you  swallow a mind altering blue tablet that we got from a friend of ours called Morpheus in exchange for going down a rabbit hole.

The pill has been designed with hikers in mind. It infiltrates your neural pathways and creates a cerebral arena of majestic mountain scenery, spires of towering basalt castles and enchanting valleys of forests and waterfalls. However…. The pill has gone missing. This, of course, leaves us with the need for an alternative plan of action. We recommend that hikers join a guided Drakensberg hike with Soul Adventures instead. Our guided hikes will give you a , skunk, class-A, messed up, I can think let alone walk high that will stay with you forever.

The Drakensberg mountains create a natural border between South Africa and Lesotho. The average height on the ‘escarpment’ in about 3,200 topping out at 3,451m-the highest mountain in South Africa known as Mafadi.

4 day Guided Drakensberg hike to the highest mountain in South Africa-Mafadi soul adventures

Why you should read this?” 

First of all, we are continually looking for ways to get ranked on page 1 of Google for the key word, “guided hikes in the Drakensberg’. So we are going to include as much information as we can to keep you on the sight for as long as we can. This apparently helps with our ratings and thus increases the amount of guided hikes we can create to the Drakensberg. And of course, given the nature of who we are…..that information is going to include some random comments that will only make sense to your toaster, but will also include more serious information about the various tours we offer to the Drakensberg. And the good news? We have just kept you on the site already for 45 seconds by just reading this paragraph. Ha ha..sucker. We knew your curiosity would get the better of you. Put your left hiking boot in. Put your right hiking boot in. Shake it all about. That’s what its all about.

Why Choose Soul Adventures for your guided Drakensberg hike you may be wondering?

Because we offer a bespoke turnkey solution that incorporates your core competencies to ensure mono-systematical synergies in your overall hiking experience? Umm….yes that must be it hey? Our marketing gurus said we must sound kleva and professional in order to attract our target market. Right…enough of that corporate stuff. Lets continue with the real issue at hand shall we?

Time for some inspiration from a Guy called Ritchie. Lets start off by sorting the buyers from the spyers, the needy from the greedy and  those who trust our ability to guide in the Drakensberg from those who don’t. If you don’t see value on our site today, you’re not on it shopping…you’re on it shoplifting.

Soul Adventures was born out of the burning, insatiable and alluring world of hiking and mountaineering. The owner of Soul Adventures quit his corporate job over 15 years ago to follow a dream. And no …the dream was not a blonde lady called Mildred. It is said that knowledge is naught without experience. 15 years ago we consciously put ourselves into what would become, a mountaineering baptism of fire. So yes we had been hiking in the Drakensberg since we were 10.

We had also climbed many other mountains the world over from Aconcagua, Elbrus, Kilimanjaro, Mont Blanc, and 87.34% of Everest….but we had no idea how different it would be guiding commercially. All of a sudden we had peoples dreams, bucket lists and aspirations on our shoulders. All of a sudden we were  responsible not only for peoples lives but the planning and  logistics to ensure a successful climb as well.

And let me tell you, the mountains have their own set of agendas. There are so many factors to take into account: weather, group dynamics, flights being delayed, equipment not arriving, varying personalities and how they respond to adversity and of course… mother in law. 15 years down the line and we have been on that learning curve and come out the other side with a wealth on experience, connections, wisdom and knowledge of the mountains, various routes and how to run a successful guided hiking experience to the mountains of the mighty Drakensberg.

Drakensberg Tours

Drakensberg Mini Traverse Hike

incredible 5 day hike of the Drakensberg Mini Traverse

3 Day Organ Pipes and Bell Traverse Hike

The Bell Traverse Hike Hold onto your seat baby, cos this hike is a screamer!! We have been involved in

Drakensberg Amphitheatre hike

Perfect for novices-The hike only covers about 8km in total with 1 night spent on the escarpment of the Amphitheater

3 Day Guided Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike

Summit the second highest mountain in South Africa and enjoy breathtaking scenery

4 day Drakensberg hike to highest mountain in SA-Mafadi

Join us on this epic and challenging guided hike to the summit of the highest mountain in South Africa.

3 Day Mnweni Hike in the Drakensberg

This hike includes some of the most remote and scenic parts of the Drakensberg.

Cathedral Peak Hike

The cathedral peak hike covers about 23km over 3 days and is pretty much our introductory hiking experience in the

How do we ensure that our trips are an overall success?

  • We do not outsource our hiking services. This means you will be accompanied with your very own “mountain man” guide. A lot of the guides have not only led over 200 treks into the Drakensberg but have climbed some kick-ass mountains the world over from Russia, Himalayas, Andes and Kilimanjaro. So you are going to be in good hands.
  • We offer free training sessions on selected weekends.( Johannesburg only). This is a perfect opportunity to get to know our guides, but also to get you hiking fit for the Drakensberg.
  • We understand that your previous hiking experience and fitness plays a major role in the route you should choose in the Drakensberg. We of course do not want to put you on a 3 day, 55km hike to say ,Champagne Castle if you are not ready for it. You will hate the hike and never go hiking again. So give us a call and chat to our guides to best select a hiking experience that suites your physical needs.
  • We like to keep our group sizes on our guided hikes to the Drakensberg. This way we have more time to connect with our clients and harass them with bad jokes
  • We are available for any advice regarding the hiking tours. Feel free to wottsup us or call us if you have any questions from what hiking shoes to buy to how to train for the hike. We do not offer advice on how to incorporate a fiscal policy into a bilateral agreement with your wife to ensure the well being of the nail on your left foot.
  • And of course, we are big into Responsible Tourism on our hiking trips. The Drakensberg is our home and we love it. So if you even think about littering or messing it up, we are going to be on you like a rash. And no, that is not a threat. It is an exaggerated response to an uncompromised stance. We were taught to never make a threat unless we were prepared to carry it out. And we are not fans of carrying anything. In fact, the thought of clients asking us to carry their backpacks makes us uneasy.

How the Drakensberg was formed

On 12 December 1324 at 13H24 a guy called Dave suddenly thought of the concept of mountains. He took the tough and divided it into 3 equal parts. The first part of the thought he sent back into the past. The second thought was put in the far left hand corner of his cerebral cortex. And the third part of the thought was sped up by 13.5 times faster than the speed of light. He then waited exactly 13 seconds and took the second though and through it against a rock which exploded into what we now know as the Drakensberg mountains. Make sense? No? Then maybe you need to join one of our guided hikes so we can explain the concept you you in slow motion and experience these ancient mountains for your self.

What routes do we cover on our Guided Drakensberg hikes?

There are so many incredible variances of hikes in the Drakensberg that we cannot possibly cover them all. So we have narrowed your choices down. Our tours primarily cover the Central Drakensberg and Northern Drakensberg. The Escarpment is basically a series of 5 massive ‘cutbacks’ that have created the main hiking regions. These include the Injasuthi, Champagne, Cathedral, Mnweni and Amphitheatre regions.