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Everest base camp | Join our guided trek to the Base camp of Everest

Join us on an unforgettable Everest Base Camp experience. Incredible views of some of the highest mountains in the world!!

Everest Base camp situated on the highest mountain peak in the world, has a magnificence, a compulsive attraction that has lured so many climbers from all over the world. Not sure why we even mention the word ‘world’ as where else do climbers come from? Ok, I get it. it’s because our primary target market is not extra terrestials. Otherwise our Everest Base Camp introduction would say ‘from all over the universe’. Right, enough digression, lets get back to issue at hand-Everest Base camp information. If you would like to skydive from Everest Base camp, no can do. And no, that is not a place near Khathmandu. If you ever wanted to understand the reasons why people are attracted to mountains so much and love to spend time on their slopes, read this:Living in the moment

What the cost includes:

  • Internal Flights from Khatmandu to Lukla
  • 2 nights accommodation in Kathmandu
  • All transfers
  • Climbing Permits
  • 14 Days climbing programme
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on the mountain
  • Qualified Nepalese mountain guides as well a South African representative
  • 10 Free Mountaineering Training Sessions ( JHB based only)
  • Training Programme
  • Unlimited access to our Mountaineering Specialist in South Africa
  • Assistance with equipment purchases ( enjoy a 10% discount from selected retailers)
  • Sightseeing day in Kathmandu

Everest Base campEverest base camp










Want to view a bit of footage on the Everest Base Camp Trek?

Yip, would be good to check it out. We have never been there before so it would be a first for us as well. Yeah right. The Himalayas are practically our home. We have just got off a mountain and found this really cool app called Youtube. So if you are looking at trekking from the comfort of your home, check out the video below. If you would rather experience the real deal, give us a call.  So crank up the bass, pop some popcorn,  cuddle up with your favourite teddy bear in case you get scared and hold 47 ice cubesd ( the small round ones work the best ( to simulate the freezing conditions on Everest) If you are interested in joining our Everest Base Camp trek , we will schedule a session where our experienced guides will take you through the tour in greater detail. It will cost you a beer. Or 10.


 Trek Overview

The trek is a mixture of cultural, spiritual and physical experiences. Not only do you get to hike in the most awesome mountain region in the world where you are surrounded by 8000m mountains, but you also get to spend some time exploring the monasteries and temples of the bustling city of Kathmandu. Oh, and before we forget. There is a really pleasant flight into Lukla from Kathmandu. The runway is like 200m long and is situated on a precipice between some big ass mountains. Hairy stuff. In terms of the trekking distances, the hikes are between 8-10 km a day. Seems pretty easy? Ummm, yeah. If you are at sea level and on flat land. The last time we looked, the Himalayas contain some pretty massive mountains and are separated by some really hectic valleys. So guess what. What goes down must go up. Don’t get your hopes up if you start going downhill for 500m. Because there is always a pleasant 600-700m climb once you get down. Oh and good luck with the suspension bridges. These bridges are sometimes 150m long and about 200m from the valley below. And almost always clogged up with yaks resulting in a 30 minute wait while they cross.

Now why would you even consider an Everest Base camp trek you may be wondering? Click on this link and READ THIS NOW!!! Might bring some perspective on your experience and hopefully life: Conquering fear

We have helped over 200 people realise their dream of trekking in the Himalayas and reaching the Base Camp of the highest mountain in the worl


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  • 1-18 April
  • 5- 20 November
  • 34-45 December. But you need to know the answer to the first question ever asked before questions were conceived  in order to join this special trip.

**Although we do have set expedition dates, feel free to contact us regarding alternative dates. We carter for any date and all numbers.

The language spoken on Everest

The primary spoken language when trekking in the Himalayas is screaming. Ok, it’s not that bad. Just persevere and before you know it, you will be standing at the base camp of the highest mountain in the world.  And no, that is not a threat. It was an exaggerated response to an uncompromising stance. We were taught never to make a threat unless we are prepared to carry it out and we are not fans of carrying anything. Even watching our clients carrying their heavy backpacks on Kilimanjaro makes us uncomfortable. Mainly because we are worried they will ask us to help carry the stuff.



Mountains hold perennial fascination and mystery. For thousands of years they were regarded with fear and awe,often imbued with religous significance,and as a result little attempt was made to climb them. today, the highest peaks have been climbed,yet the challenges remain every bit as great as in the early days of climbing-to find new routes,to climb withoiut oxygen, to push body and spirit to fresh limits.

“We reach the Everest Base camp and scream in triumph, knowing that something fundemental has changed inside of us. All our doubts, fears and uncertainties are left behind. They are left back there on the summit, rapidly evaportaing like our footprints. All our imagined horrors have dissipated, leaving a new, more positive reality in their place.”

An Everest Base Camp scenario:

The frosted tent fabric sparkles in the light of a torch beam where Brett sits hunched besides me in the cramped tent. He spoons a mouthful of noodles from his old army mug. I slurp my own tepid spoonful,which tastes a bit like chicken. Or is it mushrooms, or maybe beef? What does it matter? It is purely functional,fuel for the climb, a last attempt to stoke the furnace for the long journey ahead.We have moved beyond the world of sensual pleasure. On a mountain,there is no finesse: all that matters is survival. And yet, we still feel a great surge of exitement and pleasurable anticipation. We have been consumed by this wild,crazy,beautiful odyssey.

Everest base camp

Everest base camp













Everest Base camp Itinerary

Day 01: Arrive Kathmandu.
Our Everest base camp really gets going when we arrive in Kathmandu. First things first.  We head on over the a local watering hole for a preclimb briefing. Overnight at Hotel. Please do not trash the hotel as we will need to stay there on our way out.

Day 02: Sightseeing to Swayambhunath, Kathmandu & Patan
After breakfast, we indulge in a  full day of sightseeing which includes the Swedish blonds who can be seen occasionally lurking around the town,historical monuments which include swayambhunath (known as monkey temple), Kathmandu durbar square and Patan durbar square. Overnight at hotel. Hopefully the same one if you listened to my previous statement about not trashing the hotel.

Everest base campEverest base camp










Day 03: Kathmandu flight to Lukla trek to Phakding (2610m)
Early start I’m afraid. We get  transfered to the airpor for our flight to Lukla. you are gonna love the airstrip at Lukla. Might want to check out your life insurance for this one. We will be flying on a small twin-engine aircraft. The views from the plane are amazing, providing dramatic views of terraced hills and the distant Himalayan giants. After landing in the village of Lukla (2840m) we get to meet the rest of our team and porters who will be joining us to the Everest base camp. Ok, so this is where the trekking part of the trip begins. As we head off,  the trail drops steeply for a wee bit then descends to Chheplung (2660m). for all you Indiana Jones fans, there is a suspension bridge that we need to cross. The bridge is on a 2 year suspension due to theft. Not sure what they will call it after that.  After we cross the bridge, we climb on up to Ghat (2590m) which is situated on the banks of the Dudh Koshi River. There is a monestary here which we visit. After the visit, we take an easy trek  where we will land up  at Phakding (2610m) Overnight in a  Teahouse. No tea bone steaks available.

Everest base camp

Everest base camp









Day 04: Phakding trek to Namche Bazaar (3440m)
Today, we cross the Dudh Koshi river and climb gently the valley to Toktak (2760m) and Benkar (2710m) The trail keeps close to the river valley and is lined with beautiful blue pine and rhododendron. It is here that we will be able to see the snow-capped peak of Thamserku (6623m) & Khumbi La (5765m) at Benkar. We cross the Dudh Kosi River at Benkar. From here it is only a short walk to Monjo (2840m). Just beyond the Monjo we will enter the Sagarnatha (Everest) national park. After the guys have checked our permits we head on up again.  The trail heads on down a steep rocky mounain side path .We follow the river for a short distance to Jorsale (2830m). The trail follows the river for a while, then we re-cross the Dudh Koshi river. We eventually make our way onwards and upwards old chap to the  Namche Bazaar(3440m). One hour before we arrive at the Namche Bazaar we should be able to get some awsome veiws of the Blond Swedish ladies who were mysteriuosly walking in front of us. We also get a veiw of  Mt. Everest (8848m), Lhotse (8516m) and Nuptse (7879m) . Namache bazaar isthe  gate way to khumbu. Namche is the main trading village in the Khumu region for the Hindu traders from the lowlands and the Tibetan yak caravans that have reached there by crossing the glaciated Nangpa La pass. Overnight at teahouse.

Everest base campEverest base camp












Day 05: Acclimatization day at Namche Bazaar (3440m)
Acclimatization is an important factor in this trip. We use this day to acclimitise.  And no there is no crazy climbers pub called Daphne’s were you can get a killer hamburger, a few beers and hang around with some really cool people. Which include a lot of seasoned Everest veterans who have some amazing stories to tell.

Day 06: Namche Bazaar trek to Tengboche (3867m)
Today we head on off to the Chor camp at Namche Bazzar then continue to Kyangjuma (3550m). Also an awsome spot for Everest. From Kyangjuma we follow the trail through the forest to Sanasa.From Sanasa the trail descends gradually through a pine forest to lausasa where we stop at on eof the teahouses for a spot of tea what? We then continue our trek up to the Tengboche Monastery at 3867m. It is here we will enjoy an incredible sunset.  With Everest in the background, this is easlity one of the best veiws on the entire trek. The  Tengboche monastery is one of the most beautiful monasteries in the Khumbu area as well as the religious center of the whole ‘Sherpa land ‘. Overnight at teahouse.

Day 07: Tengboche trek to Dingboche (4410m)
From Tengboche the trail decends to Deboche (3820m) through a forest of birches, juniper, conifers and rhododendrons. There is a small settlement as well as monastery at Deboche. . After crossing the Imja khola the trail climbs past some magnificently carved mani stones to lower pangboche (3930m). Beyond pangboche it’s time to fklex those calf muscles as the gradient starts to get a bit steep. We climb up to Somare (4010m) then enjoy an easy trek  to Orsho (4190m). When we get to a fork in the road, we take it. Usually the right hand fork which takes us up to Dingboche (4410m). Overnight at teahouse.

Day 08: Dingboche trek to Lobuche (4910m)
From Dingbouche the trail follows the farmlands and meadows before continuing along the lateral moraine of the Khumbu Glacier until we reachDughla (4620m). The nest portion of the trek involves steep rocky climb uphill to Dughla Pass (4830m). It is here, you will be able to get a grim reminder of Everests dark past. Thre are monuments laid out to all the climbers who have lost their life on Everest.The veiws here are also crazy!! You can see magnificent views of.Ama dablam (6856m), Thamserku (6623m), Kangtega (6783m), Cholaste (6335m), Lobuche east (6090m), Pumori (7165m), Lingtren (6713m), Khumbutse (6639m)and Nuptse (7879m). Beyond the Dughla Pass the trail takes a gentle climb up until we reach Loboche (4910m). Overnight at teahouse

Everest base camp

Day 09: Lobuche trek to Gorak Shep (5140m) & Everest base camp (5364m)
Today, the trail follows the western side of the awsome Khumbu valley. Along the way you can enjoy incredible views of Pumori (7167m) Lingtren (6713m), Khumbutse (6639m), Nuptse (7879m), Lobuche east (6090m) as well as the Khumbu glacier and icefall. Our first port of call is Gorak Shep (5140m). After reaching Gorak Shep we have some lunch and  then start our trek to Everest base camp (5364m). The trek up and down to the Everest Base camp lasts about 5 hours.We spend about an hour at the everst base camp.  The trek  is on glacier and snow capped rocks. We will get to see many small frozen lakes around the Everest Base Camp. There are several mountains including Pumori (7165m), Lingtren (6713m), Khumbutse (6639m), Nuptse (7879m) and Lhotse (8516m) but you can’t see mount Everest (8848m) from Everest base camp although you will see it along the trail. The most impressive view from Everest base camp is the Khumbu icefall. After enjoying beautiful moment at the Everest base camp then return back to Gorak Shep. Overnight at teahouse.

Day 10: Gorak Shep Hike to Kala Pattar (5545m) then trek to Pheriche (4260m)
Today early in the morning we hike up to Kala patter for a magnificent view of the numerous Himalayan mountains  as well as breathtaking view of the  sunrise.Once we reach Kala Pattar there is a breathtaking veiw of Everest.  We  return back to Gorak shep, have a breakfast and continue our trek down through Lobuche and Dughla. . From here an  easy trek into the valley known as Pheriche (4260m). Overnight at teahouse.

everest base camp

everest base camp










Day 11: Pheriche trek to Tengboche (3867m)
From Pheriche we make our descent to Imja Khola where we againget to cross a bridge. We then descend to Tengboche  (3867m). . Overnight at teahouse.

Day 12: Tengboche trek to Monjo (2835m)
Today we trek back along the Dudh Kosi River through a magnificent rhododendron forest and past brilliant waterfalls. Shortly before reaching Namche, the trek takes through a pine forest, where musk deer often graze in the early morning. Somtimes the Yeti makes an appearance, but last we heard, he got a job as an accountant.. After Namche the trail descends to Larja dobhan (confluence of two rivers) where we head on to  Monjo (2835m). Overnight at teahouse.

Day 13: Monjo trek to Lukla (2840m)
From Monjo the trail descends through several villages and teahouses until we reach Lukla. Overnight at teahouse.

Day 14: Lukla flight to Kathmandu (1350m)
In the morning, we fly from Lukla to Kathmandu, get hammered, have a shower and sleep.

Day 15: Sightseeing to Boudhanath, Pashupatinath & Bhaktapur
After breakfast, we enjoy a full day sightseeing

Day 16: Depart Kathmandu
After breakfast, we head on back to the airport for our flight back to wherever we came from. No crying allowed.

Everest Base Camp Cost:

  • R 34,900(excl Airfare)

Everest Base Camp Cost INCLUDES :-

  • Airport transfers
  • Twin sharing accommodation in Kathmandu with breakfast (Tourist standard hotel)
  • Historical monuments sightseeing with tour guide
  • Sightseeing transportation.
  • Sightseeing entrance fees for historical cities sightseeing
  • Kathmandu hotel to airport & airport to hotel transportation by car/van/bus depend on group size
  • Kathmandu to Lukla, Lukla to Kathmandu air tickets & airport taxes
  • Twin sharing trekking accommodation in normal Trekkers lodge / Teahouse
  • Three meals a day whikle trekking
  • One porter from Lukla who will carry your luggage during the trekking ( 1 porter for 2 people) Gonna have to keep it light
  • Everest / Sagarmatha National park entry fee
  • Trekker’s Information Management system (TIMS) card
  • Nepal Government tax and Office service charge
  • free stone from Everest Base Camp


  • Lunch & Dinner during the stay in Kathmandu
  • International air tickets & airport taxes
  • Nepal entry visa fee US$ 25 (duration 15 days ) and US$ 40 (duration 30 days )
  • Personal trekking equipment s & Clothing
  • Wire Transfer charge or Credit card service charge as company rule
  • Alcoholic beverages, laundry, Telephone calls & all type of hot drinks
  • Soft drinks such as cola, mineral water etc
  • Personal nature expenses & Tipping (Tips)
  • High risk medical / travel insurance & First aid kit
  • Emergency rescue evacuation (if needed)
  • Any other things not mentioned.

Equipment for Everest Base Camp

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Everest Base Camp Temperature

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When is the best time to trek to Everest Base Camp

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