Elbrus Climbing Dates

Elbrus Climbing Dates
Climb Elbrus from south africa

Elbrus climbing dates

For those of you who have not noticed yet…..Elbrus is situated in Mother Russia. Which means that they experience their summer months from say July to Mid October. So guess what? Yes sireeee….. we are only going to be attempting to summit the highest mountain in Europe during these months. We have worn down our fingers writing a whole article on the best time to climb Elbrus. So feel free to give it a read here. 

And of course there are 2 different routes on Elbrus. One is fibrous and the other is more like a bulb.  So without further ado, may we introduce to you our climbing dates for Elbrus. Of course we can alter the dates depending on various factors like group size, how much extra you are willing to pay us, nuclear fallout and my wife.  And no sunshine, we are not going to take you on an expedition by yourself if you cannot make the dates published.

14 day South Route Climbing Dates

Depart Johannesburg on 10 August

Return to Johannesburg on 24 August

16 Day North Route Climbing Dates

Depart Johannesburg on 10 August

Return to Johannesburg on 26 August


****. The return dates of course can be changed if you would like to spend more time exploring the Russian bride catalogues, Moscow and the 2nd room of the Kremlin that houses the secret files of how ping pong balls tried to take over the moon.

Did you notice the words ‘depart Johannesburg’? Of course you did. That date represents the date that the aircraft, with us on it, leaves the city of Gold. So the days mentioned include the flying days. Savvy?


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