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Walk with Lions

An amazing opportunity to walk with lions in their natural environment

The trip involves a 1 hour walk with lions through the African bush. The trip also involves interaction with the lion cubs. Transport and lunch included

Ok, now here is an adventure that you cannot miss. Imagine walking with lions in the African bush. An experience of a lifetime. Our trip is conducted on a secret lodge that is about an hours drive from Johannesburg. A secret lodge that offers you the experience to walk with lions? All right then, calm down, we cannot keep the secret from you any longer. The beautiful bush lodge is known as Ukutula , an Zulu word for a place of quiet. The lodge is conveniently situated about an hours drive from Johannesburg or Pretoria. Notice how we used the words ‘about’. In South Africa, we don’t make use of high speed underground trains that run on schedule. Nope, we are unfortunately at the mercy of the weather, traffic and small angry dwarfs that sometimes try and sell us food for the walk with lions.


1 person – R3900 | 2 – R2500 per person | 3 – R2250pp | 4 – R2150pp | 5 – R2050pp | 6 – R1910pp

| 7 – R1780pp | 8 – R1685pp| 9 – R1610pp | 10 – R1550pp | 11 – R1500

Walking with lions

Most people have seen lions from the comfort of a game vehicle. Getting up close and personal with a lion in its own habitat its an all together different experience. Make sure you bring an extra pair of underwear. Ok its  not that bad. The whole experience is pretty safe. We don’t just let you roam freely with the lions at your own will, although with some guests we have been tempted to. The walk with lions is done with an excellent team of trainers that are always close by. Being wild animals by nature, the lions are ready to resort to their natural instincts the moment they spot a distant antelope – and that’s the excitement for an hour or so. You’ll get an excellent briefing beforehand and a stout staff to guide the lions around you. Trainers will take snaps of you with your camera and you’ll have a chance to walk with them in the African bush. The lions are up to 2.5yrs old, but HUGE.

 walk with lions










The lion lodge is pretty big measuring 260 hectares of unspoilt African bushveld. The lodge also has a variety of antelope, giraffe and those funny black and white striped animals. I think they are going by the name of Zebras these days. Sometimes, Ze panties, but if they don’t feel like going topless in front of the lions, they are known as Zebras. Shew, if you get that corny joke, we promise not to let you walk with the lions with a piece of raw meat strapped around your waist.

And if lions and game were not enough, there is also more than 130 bird species on the reserve. Their used to be 131, but the last time I was there, I had a toasted chicken sandwich, which brought the species down to 130.

What the trip with lions involves:
  • An early start I’m afraid. We pick guests up at 05H30. Now why would be so cruel as to get you up so early when you are on holiday? Well we need to be at the lion lodge by 08H00 where the 1 hour walk with the lions is scheduled. As you may or may not know, lions belong to the cat family. And cats have a well known tendency to sleep during the day. Hence, the early start. It also gets pretty hot in Africa, so best to get the walk done before you get toasted.
  • We should be done with the walk by about 09h15. Then its breakfast time. If you have behaved on the walk with lions, you don’t get the toasted soup sandwich.
  • At about 10H00, we then spend some time interacting with the lion cubs. An awesome opportunity to play with the cubs. Don’t forget the camera.
  • After the cub interaction, we take a breather before heading back to Johannesburg. Lunch is on route. The venue varies depending on group dynamics, behaviour and whether or not you are wearing any shoes. There was once a Fairy called Nuff on the trip, well I suppose that’s Fairy Nuff. If you have the time, might be a good idea to include the elephant sanctuary into the trip. The elephant sanctuary is on the way back to Johannesburg.

walk with lionswalk with lions










The tour is suitable for ages 8 upwards.

The lodge supports responsible tourism and  ethics

walk with lionswalk with lions











What the walk with lions trip includes:
  • Pick up from your hotel
  • All permit fees
  • 1 hour walk with lions
  • Cub interaction for about an hour
  • 2 hour guided tour of the reserve
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Guide