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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing | Johannesburg | Beginners Welcome

The basic satisfaction of rock climbing in Johannesburg is both physical and mental with an extra ingredient of risk.

Rock climbing johannesburgrock climbing

The staff of Soul Adventures places a premium on enriching our clients lives through unique and interactive experiences. Every trip that we lead draws on the experience of countless expeditions in South America, Africa and Asia as well as our own back yard. Our leaders are committed professionals who are exemplary guides and instructors. We are dedicated to insuring your rock climbing experience exceeds your expectations!

Why rock climbing?

Rock climbing is a hot and invigorating spice that adds an addictive flavour to the game of life. It is tasted through the exhilaration that comes from challenging one’s ability against the unknown and winning. Being the master of one’s destiny, with one’s life literally in one’s hands, is what gives adventure its fascination. Adventure also gives a heightened awareness of everything around. The dramatic glaciers of Kilimanjaro, the intelligent eye of a whale, the form of mountains and clouds. Adventure involves a journey, or a continued venture, in which there are the elements of risk and the unknown. Elements that have to be overcome by the physical and mental skills of the individual. The completion of a great outdoor adventure is a physical achievement and a personal triumph. What you take from it goes well beyond the satisfaction of pushing your limits.

The language of Rock Climbing

The primary spoken language when rock climbing is screaming. Ok, its not that bad. Just persevere and you will make it happen. And no, that is not a threat. It was an exaggerated response to an uncompromised stance. We were taught never to make a threat unless we are prepared to carry it out and we are not fans of carrying anything. Even watching our clients carrying the heavy rock climbing equipment makes us uncomfortable. Mainly because we are worried they will ask us to help carry the stuff.

What our customers are saying about our rock climbing courses

  • Marie and I would just like to thank you and your assistant for SUCH a wonderful experience on Saturday!!This is definitely something I would love to carry on doing! SO much fun and challenging in so many ways! Lauren McKinley
  • Hi there,I just wanted to say thank you for the rock-climbing session on Saturday – it was absolutely awesome, and we will definitely be seeing you guys again soon! You guys rock!! (pun intended!!) 🙂 .Regards, Christine
  • Hi Darren, Many thanks to you, Jon and Johnathan for such an amazing rock climbing adventure. Chris and I both got a lot out of it and are already talking about when we can go next time. You guys were both really cool and I hope that we’re able to join your team for another set of adventure in the near future.Thanks again for a true adventure, the laughs, words of wisdom and all that jazz.Cheers, Sasha (aka. the one who climbed the ’16’)
  • Naven Padayachee thanks Darren for the amazing climb and experience. We will see u soon for our next climb. Rock on 🙂
  • Hi Darren and LeoThanks again for Tuesday’s (10/04/2012) climb.
    My bro and I had a great time!You made us laugh, inspired us and passed down some valuable wisdom in the form of mountaineering analogies … and didn’t even charge extra!All the best, I wish you luck for future prospects and maybe, we’ll see you again towards the end of the year.Happy Climbing!Leon
  • Natassia Loreggian Best Sunday of my life!! Thanks Thanks Thanks!
  • Samantha Lewis Hey Darren, Kim & John Thank you for an AWESOME afternoon yesterday. Spending time in nature is an important part of my life and yesterday just gave me the nature boost I was looking for … definitely food for the Soul…
  • Hi Darren.Thanks so much for a fantastic afternoon. The birthday present was wrapped up… in the adventure of the climbing. We all had a great time, each of us testing our own limits and learning how much the mind is our handicap and our weapon! Alana Dell, New Zealand
  • Hey guys! Thanks for an awesome climb this Saturday! Hope to do it again soon!Kind Regards.Rudene Strydom
  • Howzit Darren, just wanted to say thanks to you and your team for the awesome rock climbing experience. We had a blast and also learned a hell of a lot. I also wanted to ask you if you good direct me to the best place to buy some climbing gear.Regards Armando
  • Rudene Strydom Guys! Thank you again for a really awesome experience! We totally loved every minute of it! Going to recommend this site to a lot of people!
  • Hi Darren.Thankyou for saturday.we did the rock climbing/abseiling with johnathan and it was a good experience.It pushed some of our personal limitations that we set ourselves .Johnathan was very thorough,competent,encouraging and helpful.Thankyou Jenny Borchardt

Looking at rock climbing? READ THIS NOW!!! Might bring some perspective on your rock climbing intentions and hopefully life: Conquering fear

Rock climbing makes the best Facebook profile picture. Earn some bragging rights. We don’t charge extra for them

Is it the belief of being in control that keeps us on an even keel? The moment we suspect that we are losing control is the moment when fear edges into the fragile balance of our sanity. Uncontrolled fear like rock climbing is a corrosive emotion, something that gnaws away at the fabric of your mind, screws you up to a frightful aching state of anxiety, and leaves you with nothing good. Will I win or lose? Do people like me? Am I a failure? Can I good at rock climbing?Am I good enough? There is nothing but sickness in this sort of fear; sickness of the mind which produces no answers to your questions and leaves you in an agonizing limbo. At least there is the fight or flight surge of adrenalin induced from our primal fears and the sense of achievement and confidence that comes from confronting the fear. If you choose to stand at the bottom of Kilimanjaro and make that first commiting step up, then you have the comfort of choosing your fear. It is something you go to willingly. Embracing the near future and all that it will throw at you with open arms and a clear mind, confident that you will succeed, you will control it. There is no control over anxiety and self-doubts. Once indulged, fears of this kind hold us prisoner. They are the penalty of thinking, the penance of life. Extract from conquering fear: Conquering Fear-a corrosive,self limiting emotion

Yes, we all have it. A little monster in our head called fear that will try and brainwash your thoughts while rock climbing. I’m scared of heights, what if the rope snaps? what if I die?.Well, rock climbing is a good benchmark and portal for taking control. Don’t let these irrational fears control you. better if you control them. Conquer your fears. We even provide some ‘inspirational’ stuff to help you along your way. And the best part of it? You are going to have fun!!

rock climbing


Our rock climbing in gauteng programs strive to exceed individual expectations. We are dedicated to developing competent, confident climbers. Attention to detail and safety, and an emphasis on fun, are all important parts of the Soul Adventure’s Climbing School experience.
Our courses allow the practical application of your new skills. Our philosophy is one of learn by doing. Small groups and a low participant to instructor ratio give us the flexibility to accommodate individual goals and expectations. No previous experience is necessary.


Group & Individual Outdoor Activities

We will happily work with individuals or groups. See our services section for the range of activities on offer and check out our prices. Discounts are available when booking over the minimum numbers. The bigger your rock climbing party, the more you’ll save.

All of our rock climbing courses in gauteng will be tailored to suit your ability and experience and we will aim to build on what knowledge and skills you already possess. You will be working with instructors who have a great deal of experience in developing individual personal ability in the sport of rock climbing.

rock climbing

Beginners Single Pitch Climbing Session

If you have never been rock climbing before and want to try out the sport for the first time, a beginners single pitch climbing session is for you. You will learn basic ropework techniques and how to move on rock. This is suitable for individuals or groups. These can be a half day session as part of a multi-activity day or a full day climbing session and may well be run in conjunction with an abseiling session.

It is possible that you have learned how to rock climb at an indoor wall, so already know the basics of belaying and climbing and want to learn to lead outdoors. If so, our learning to lead rock climb courses are for you. These are run on a 1:2 instructor to client ratio

rock climbing johannesburgrock climbing johannesburg

Learning to Lead Climbing Courses

In a learning to lead rock climb course we will teach you the basics of anchor selection, how to place running belays (gear placements) using the appropriate equipment for the placement, how to construct anchors to belay your climbing partner and how to abseil safely from the crag if you need to retreat. You will also be taught the importance of climbing calls and belaying within sight/earshot of your second if at all possible and how to interpret guidebooks when deciding on what climb to do


Some crazy conditions for our rock climbing course: Not for the faint of heart

OK, let me start of by saying that this rock climbing course is only available for purchase to the manliest of men (or women). If it was possible for this trip to sprout chest hair and a five ‘o clock shadow, this trip would look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. The course was created by Malaysian Super Ninjas who throw ping pong balls at chickens to serve the needs of the man who cheats death on a daily basis. They didn’t even consider unnecessary Nancy boy activities like dwarf throwing, supporting the Lions or bare knuckle cage fighting . No, this brute of a course comes with activities us testosterone-fueled super action junkies need. My price on this bad boy course is a ridiculously low R220 p.p. I am willing to accept reasonable offers for group bookings. And by reasonable, I don’t mean walk up to me and tell me you’ll give me R10 for it. That’s liable to earn you a Burmese-roundhouse-sphincter-kick with a follow up of the three fingered eye-jab. Would it hurt? Hell yes!!Let’s just say that you won’t be the prettiest person at a Justin Bieber concert anymore….it’s also quite difficult to pick up your teeth with broken fingers.

Directions to our rock climbing venues

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Rock Climbing Techniques

Rock climbing techniques can be used by the novice as well as seasoned rock climbing expert alike.Challenging yourself and shift your comfort zones Rock Climbing Techniques Rock Climbing techniques — These rock climbing techniques, I mean words can be used  to improve the rock climbing techniques of the poor old beginner as well as the veteran rock …