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Lesedi Cultural village and Sterkfontein caves Tour

Combine your day with two incredible tours. One includes a cultural experience of Lesedi.The second one entails an epic tour of the  Sterkfontein caves


If you are looking for a tour that combines a cultural experience and a more Indiana Jones archaeological experience, then this day tour is for you. Not only will you come face to face with a Zulu warrior but you will also be descending nearly 200m into an ancient cave where the oldest human fossil was found. Yup, you heard us right. The oldest human fossil ever found. Not only does South Africa showcase some incredible beaches, forests and wildlife, but now we are proud to say that we are the human being capital of the world. Take that sports fans!.

So I guess you are going to want to know what the day tour is all about. Well, first of all we can categorically say that the tour is held during the day. If it was held during the night, it would be called a night tour. And we are not into such tours. We would rather be at home tucked into bed with our favorite teddy bear.

The Lesedi Cultural Experience!!

The first part of the day tour sees us taking a 2.5 hour tour of the colorful cultural village known as Lesedi. And we just know you are going to love it there. You will be taken around the various tribes that make up the rainbow nation of South Africa. Well not all of them as then the tour would definitely become a night tour. Your charismatic host who hails from the proud Zulu Nation will take you around to see the 5 main tribes. Nameley, the Zulu, Basotho, Pedi, Ndebele and Xhosa. At each village, you will get to see how the people live, eat and thrive. The men are primarily focused ion hunting and fighting, while the woman focus on making food and looking after the children. Hunting was done with spears as nuclear weapons were not around in those days. In fact, you will have a chance at throwing a spear into a dried animal hide. If you impale the spear, lunch is on us!!! And the highlight of the tour? An incredible African drumming and dancing session.

lesesdi cultural village

The Sterkfontein Caves Experience!

Once we have finished at Lesedi and filled your stomachs up with some traditional food, we take the 20 minute drive through to the Sterkfontein caves. These caves are massive. But unfortunately only about 5% of them are accessible to the public. Most of the cave system is owned by the Wits University and because it is still an active archaeological site, the professor type bone collectors with long dusty beards and pointy shoes don’t want to be disturbed in their quest for finding the missing link. But fear not….the tour into the cave is incredible. You will get to witness some of the best formed stalactites and stalagmites in the world. The lime stone cave formations that have been around for millions of years will leave you speechless.  Probably because of the lack of air down there. Okay. we take that back. The air is fine down in the cave. And the tour is not too hectic. A few small areas that need to be navigated but nothing you can’t handle.

Sterkfontein Caves and lesedi cultural village

The Basic day tour itinerary

Okay so because we are such a caring and chilled out tour company, we allow you sleep in a little. We pick you up from your hotel at 09h00.

You will be met by one of our passionate guides. He will nonchalantly throw you into the vehicle, duct tape you to the seat and take the 1 hour drive through the Lesedi village.After a cup of tea and maybe a quick tazer .The tour begin at 11H00 and finishes at about 13H30.

After a traditional South African lunch, we again throw you into the car and take the 20 minute drive through to the Sterkfontein caves. You will then embark on an epic 1 hour underground tour of these ancient caves. And please do not throw stones at the dwarfs.

Typically back at your hotel by about 16H30.

Why join our day tour?

Because we are chilled out and like to say we do things way differently to other day tour companies. You are on vacation right? So we try steer clear of set itineraries. We are pretty flexible. In fact all our guides can touch their toes. And we are not going to rush you back to your hotel. You have paid good money for an experience you want to enjoy. We understand that.  We have been involved in day tours from Johannesburg for nearly 10 years. So hopefully you leave not only as our guests but as friends.