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Walk with elephants day tour

Ever had an elephant s your tour guide? Experience the magic of walking with elephants in their natural environment
walking with elephants day tourwalking with elephants day tour











Ok, so if there is something you need to experience before your time is up on earth, it is to take a stroll in the African bush with an elephant. You will get up close and personal with the 3 semi habituated elephants who were rescued from a young age. We would love to write a whole article on why you should do this tour but I’m afraid of getting a  cramp in my finger from all the typing. So we decided to include a youtube video of what to expect instead. If the video and pictures don’t tickle your fancy then maybe we can take you on a tour of the local cement factory.

What makes this tour unique?

The elephants ARE NOT KEPT IN ENCLOSED AREAS AND GIVEN REWARDS TO DO TRICKS. on our walk with elephants day tour you will get to see how they roam freely and you will get to see their natural behaviors. They will rip down trees, dig up roots, spray water over themselves to cool down. You will get to experience and interact with these truly incredible creatures and see for yourself how intelligent and ‘human’ like they are. And yes we will fill your brains with all we know about elephants but we hope this trio of gorgeous animals with show your in their own special way




 Responsible Tourism

The elephants were rescued from appalling conditions and taken in to the lodge to be looked after. They are basically let to their own devices. Their diet is trees. And yes they eat and destroy a lot of trees. That is why there is only 3 elephants on the lodge. The area  would not be able to sustain larger numbers.

We also only allow 12 people a day to interact with them. This is for the well being of the elephants. We do not want to stress them out unnecessarily.


  • An elephant as your tour guide? Need we say more
  •  We don’t expect the elephants to drive you there so we will throw in a passionate guide for your trip
  •  Can be experienced in half a day.
  •  Pick up from any place within Johannesburg at no extra cost


  • R1,500 p.p.

Tour Itinerary

Our tours begin and end in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

  • The pick up time from your hotel is 07H30
  • We then take the 1.5 hour drive through to our ‘secret’ location where the elephants walking is done.
  • Upon arrival you have time to smash down a muffin and coffee. We then pile you into the landrover and head out into the hills looking for elephants. What was that? You want them to come to you? Yeah right. They weigh nearly 5 tons. We not gonna argue with them. We will wallow in our insignificance and go and find them
  • Once we find them, we will spend about an hour walking, observing and interacting with them.
  • The walk is limited to 1 hour and is only done once a day. Limited to 12 people.
  • After the tour we will indulge your senses in a fine South African lunch. Back in the hotel by 14H00. Unless of course you are brave enough to join us on our lion walking tour. 

What the walking with elephants tour includes


  • Return transfers Johannesburg to the elephant concession return
  • All Elephant walking permits and fees
  •  Basic first aid kit
  •  Qualified travel guide
  •  Lunch , as well as unlimited water and hot beverages
  •  1 hour walk with the elephants in their natural environment
  • Local Taxes


Phone us today to book this amazing experience

  • Tel: :+27 (837042912)