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Caving in Gauteng

Caving in Gauteng is a different adventure experience. Challenging and fun

Whether a first timer or skilled adventurer, you can experience the exhilaration of adventure caving in Gauteng. something really different

What is caving in Gauteng all about?

Well the one thing we can say about caving in Gauteng is that it has nothing to do with knitting. Hope that helps.Ok, calm down. No need to get all pushy. I am waiting for my toaster to sing me a song about blue butterflies eating small orange dots and have some time to waste. So here is a brief definition on caving.

caving in gauteng

caving in gauteng









  • Whether it is called spelunking or potholing, caving has become known as a recreational exploring of caves. No not swamps. Caves!!! Why do you think this web page is called caving. If it was about swamping, we would have called it swamping.
  • Caving in Gauteng is primarily done in Gauteng. Strange that? If you are looking at doing caving in say Antarctica, you are on the wrong page.
  •  The challenges that one may face while caving in Gauteng may include  lion crawling, I mean leopard crawling through some tight squeeze’s, climbing, abseiling and getting dirty.

caving in gauteng


Caves, like blond Swedish girls rooms, are indeed special places, like no other. Amazing jewelled fantasy worlds and cathedrals, hidden underground, that give a view into a unique environment of geological wonder to those who visit them.
Often also containing various creatures, bones and fossils of long gone species and even sometimes ancient art, caves are fascinating to explore and well worth a visit.




Many caves are protected, and some are on private land or only accessible to official cave exploration groups. There are also certain dangers involved when caving in Gauteng, such as becoming lost or falling, so visiting caves is really something to do as part of an official expedition, or on a guided tour .Naturally, care should be taken not to damage anything (including yourself!) and to take note of what your guide tells you when caving in Gauteng regarding safety and cave protection.


Bats Cave

Bats cave is the best way to experience caving for a novice The bats cave  is accessed via an abseil through the roof of the cave. The total cave size is about 4400 sqm.There are various adventure options available The bats cave adventure is done in the World Heritage site of the Cradle of Humankind. …