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Day Trips from Johannesburg | Guided Day trips from Johannesburg

 We offer various day trips from Johannesburg. Take a day trip with us and experience the beauty of our wonderful country. All trips are guided

day tours from johannesburg


Soul Adventures is an adventure travel company who create unique and  interactive travel experiences , catering to a wide level of budget, comfort and activity. Our Day trips from Johannesburg are designed to enrich our clients lives. Renowned for specialising in Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Drakensberg and scuba diving adventures, Soul Adventures also offers a comprehensive range of day trips from Johannesburg , ideal for those with a little less time on their hands but an equal thirst for adventure. Our day trips from Johannesburg include full day as well as half day activities. The full day trips include: Pilanesberg, a game reserve that is home to the Big Five; The Elephant Sanctuary; Canopy Tour through the Ysterhout Kloof in the Magaliesberg Mountains. Half-day options include: The Lion Park; the Maropeng and Sterkfontein Caves at the Cradle of Humankind and  The Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve
The staff of Soul Adventures places a premium on enriching our clients lives through unique and interactive experiences. Every trip that we lead draws on the experience of countless expeditions in South America, Africa and Asia as well as our own back yard. Our leaders are committed professionals who are exemplary guides and instructors. We are dedicated to ensuring your experience exceeds your expectations!

day tours from johannesburg

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Why choose us Soul Adventures for your day tour you may be wondering?

Certificate of Excellence

We are consistently winning the Certificate of Excellence award from Trip Advisor for based on superior service levels as well as the quality of our tours. Nothing worse than getting a bad review on this site. Well, there are worse things like being attacked by a pack of hungry penguins with machine guns, but you know what I mean. Yip, the site keeps us on our toes. If we don’t get a rating of excellent for one of our day tours, our staff have to do 400 push ups in a pit of snakes. Having said that, don’t take our word for it. Feel free to read up on our recent reviews

Free Pick Up

Our tours include a free pick up service from any hotel in Johannesburg or Pretoria.

Pay on the day

Our payment options are pretty simple. We don’t expect a deposit. You can pay us on the day of the tour. And we accept credit card payment or cash. Unfortunately we don’t accept small grains of exotic sand as payment.

No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden costs. We are not into playing hide ‘n seek anymore. What you see is what you pay for. Our pricing is all inclusive. Homemade lunches that are made with love are included in all our tours. We provide bottled water and if you behave maybe a beer or two.

Tips and Gratuities?

Although your generosity would be highly appreciated, the team at Soul Adventures have all decided that if you feel the need to give a tip we would rather you donate it to a cause that is close to our hearts. The LIV Village Orphanage. 

How we Roll?

We don’t do big airconditioned buses and vans. Nope we like to keep our experiences authentic and offer you a truly interactive day. On our safari tours for example you will get to experience the character of our usually mud strewn 1990 Landrover Defender that is part of the Soul Adventures family

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Travel Like a Local

All of our guides have a passion for what they do. They have been selected for their fun personalities and expert knowledge of the various destinations. An yes we have also have a weird sense of humor. We try and contain ourselves if we can. But ultimately we want you to too experience our wonderful country in a fun and interactive way. We have an intimate knowledge of our destinations.We get it. We have been in the travel business for over 10 years. We know what our clients want. We offer a more authentic tour that is not ‘run of the mill’ stuff. We want you to experience a day tour as a local would.

Small Groups

We keep our tours relatively small. We believe this is the best way to offer a truly intimate and unique experience.

Language options on our Day trips from Johannesburg

Ok, so this where this statement might get a bit confusing. Not sure why we are even mentioning this as our non English clients would not exactly be reading this if they could not speak English, which means they will never know that we have a variety of linguistically talented guides at our disposal on our tours.

For our non English speaking guests, fear not, we are able to offer you guides who are fluent in the following languages. Not even sure why we wrote this in English as it should have been in French or German:

  • French
  • German
  • North Antartican

My husband and I booked two trips with Darren at Soul Adventures and they were two of the most amazing experiences. Our first trip was to Pilanesberg game reserve. The PROS: arrived on time, clear that they have a passion for what they do, private tour, flexible schedule and it was a treat to spend the day with an interesting ‘local’! We also went rock climbing/hiking in Drakensburg which was exhilarating & inspiring! There was an emphasis on safety, enjoying nature and stepping outside of your comfort zone. This is my first ever review, because I was so deeply moved by Soul Adventures!

View a video from one of our most popular day trips from Johannesburg- The Pilanesberg
One of the unique experiences on our Pilanesberg trips is having lunch in one of the hides next to a watering hole. As you will see in the video, we were fortunate enough to be joined by a family of 30 elephants while we were having lunch. The elephants were playing and swimming in front of us for about an hour.


 About our day trips from Johannesburg

Although most of our day trips from Johannesburg include the really chilled options of safaris and sightseeing, we also cater for the more adventurous traveller. The most popular day trips from Johannesburg in this respect include our rock climbing and abseiling, Gliding in the Magaliesberg or sky diving
What our customers are saying about our day trips from Johannesburg

    • What better way to enjoy a day in the Pilanesberg Game Reserve with Soul Adventures. As this was my first trip to this area I had no idea what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the game viewing fantastic, where we were able to see the Big Five where the highlight of our day was a close encounter with a herd of elephants.
      Darren and his crew were hospitable, friendly and very entertaining for the duration of our trip; making sure we had plenty to drink during the trip and a lovely lunch in the middle of the reserve.
      The Pilanesberg day trip with Soul Adventures is not only informative and entertaining but most certainly an unforgettable experience not to be missed!
    • After being in Johannesburg for a week, the day-trip to the Pilanesburg game reserve was a great way to experience South Africa’s natural beauty. I booked the day-tour with Soul Adventures, who met all the expectations created by other reviewers. This is the perfect combination of sightseeing with an experienced operator, without the rigidness of joining a large tour group. Darren, our guide, was personable, very knowledgable about South Africa and its wildlife, and made the long drive as enjoyable as possible. All-in-all, beautiful day in the game reserve with a professional, passionate and personalized tour company — highly recommend Soul Adventures.
    • Hi Jon, Just a big THANK YOU from Addicted2Adventure for the great weekend in the Drakensberg – we really enjoyed it
    • My husband and I booked two trips with Darren at Soul Adventures and they were two of the most amazing experiences. Our first trip was to Pilanesburg game reserve. The PROS: arrived on time, clear that they have a passion for what they do, private tour, flexible schedule and it was a treat to spend the day with an interesting ‘local’!
      We also went rock climbing/hiking in Drakensburg which was exhilirating & inspiring! There was an emphasis on safety, enjoying nature and stepping outside of your comfort zone.
      This is my first ever review, because I was so deeply moved by Soul Adventures!
    • I really want to thank you for an amazing time and great experience! I cant tell you how ‘whole’ I feel today. I hope that you one day spot that smoking cow ;-). Therese Kruger
    • We had an amazing trip to South Africa and by far the highlight was our time with soul adventures. We wanted to do a safari, but could not get to Kruger due to issues with malaria. Darren picked us up early in the morning in a mini-bus for a day trip to Pilansburg. He was a fantastic guide and kept us entertained throughout the whole day. He taught us some of the Zulu language, South African History and showed us far more of the country, culture and natural beauty of South Africa than we expected. It was very refreshing having such an easy going tour guide. Darren was extremely flexible and tailored our experience around our interests. His passion for giving his clients the best experience possible was evident. He personally selected the guides for our Pilanesberg safari and they went far out of their way to make our experience memorable.Soul adventures is not a company that puts you on a huge bus with 50 other tourists. They provide you with a personalized memorable experience. We experienced Pilanesberg in an open top 4×4 which in my opinion is the only way to do it. Both of our game drives lasted an hour longer than planned to make sure that we saw all the animals possible. We also spent some time in a hide listening to and observing the wildlife. This was an amazing experience in itself and was worth the entire cost of the tour. Soul Adventures transported us to and from our hotel and showed us the best time we could have hoped for.We enjoyed our day safari so much that when Darren mentioned he wanted to take us rock climbing we jumped at the opportunity. On the last day of the trip we went out to “the bronkies”. this was a place we would never have found by ourselves. Being afraid of heights, I was really confident with Darren and the competent staff of Jon and Jonathan.D, J and J worked hard to understand our comfort zone and push us gently to go outside of it. That was the true value of this experience. My wife and I were completely exhilarated and felt a great sense of accomplishment after we made it to the top of the cliffs a couple of times. My wife even was able to climb a section of the cliff that Darren couldn’t make it up!We will definitely be back to South Africa and we will definitely tour with Soul Adventures again!
    • What a perfect way to spend a day!! We booked a day trip from Johannesburg with Soul Adventures and wow, what an experience!!! The staff are truly passionate about what they do. Thankyou for making our trip so enjoyable. The highlight of the trip for me was the Elephants of the Pilanesberg. We were lucky enough to come across a herd of about 30 just standing in the road. We managed to get some awesome photos. looking forward to our next trip. Jane McKenzie, Australia
    • Maralise Meyer-Moller Thanks for a great 2 day hike in the Drakensberg. It was an amazing experience. Can’t wait to join you for more adventures in future
    • Janine Ehmke Swart Thank you Darren and Leo, for an awesome weekend ….
    • Jenu mathews: Hi Darren,Thank u so so much for the great weekend in the Drakensberg! I still cant believe its done!Had a wonderful time. The day tour from Johannesburg was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The passion and service of soul adventures is out of this world. I am definitely coming back for another tour.


Join us on our day trips from Johannesburg and you will be enriched. Our unique, interactive service is what we are all about. Our typical day trips are a mixture of good company, knowledge and best of all, our day trips from Johannesburg are designed to be relaxed. Although there is a set agenda, we are pretty flexible in terms of how the day unfolds .We take the day trips from Johannesburg as they come. If there is an elephant blocking the road, there is nothing for us to do but ADMIRE THIS MAGNIFICENT CREATURE AND WAIT FOR IT TO PASS. Just like our other adventure activities, our adventures are designed to help you remember who you are. Our aim is to help give you some perspective on life. The answer is may be 42, but, hopefully the experience on one of our day trips will be one to remember.

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Day trips from Johannesburg: Travelling guidelines

As with any other country except the moon, South Africa is governed by certain monetary and natural dimensions. We have included a brief summary of the various factors that you would need to take into consideration when embarking on any form of travel within South Africa.

  • Climate of South Africa

The summer months in South Africa are from 2 October at 15H23 through to 17 March at 23h34. If you arrive on 2 October at 15H22 you would have arrived in Spring. Maybe wait the extra minute in the airport so that you arrive in the summer. Ok, enough digression, lets get back to the topic of discussion-the weather you may expect on your day trips from Johannesburg. The temperatures in Summer range between 15 degrees Celcius ( 60 degrees Fahrenheit) and 35 degrees celcius (96 Degrees Fahrenheit). The winter months experience temperatures of between 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) and 20 degrees Celsius ( 68 degrees Fahrenheit).

Despite regional differences, South Africa’s climate is generally mild throughout the year. Snow fall is limited to the mountain peaks of the Drakensberg. On the whole, South Africa is a dry country ( by dry, we mean rain, so don’t worry, you can still get an ice cold beer) The average rainfall per annum is 502mm. If it is sunshine you are looking for, you are in luck. South Africa is ranked pretty high in terms of seeing the sun. The best place to go f you are looking for sunshine other than joining us on our day trips from Johannesburg is Venus.

  •  Credit cards

Most major credit cards are accepted in South Africa. Most of our clients prefer paying for their day trips from Johannesburg through Paypal.

  • Currency

The monetary unit accepted on our day trips from Johannesburg or any other place in South Africa is the Rand. The international symbol being ZAR. 100cents make up one Rand. The denomination is issued in R200, R100, R50, R20 and R10  notes. We do not accept small grains of sand or ping pong balls as payment



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