Chic Pees on mountain-Learn How to

Chic Pees on mountain-Learn How to

Chic Pees on the Mountain

Alright then……lets start off by sorting the perverts from the legitimate fact seeking individuals.

To all you perverts-What you doing on this page? Looking for some smutty images of a chic peeing in the mountain. What you take us for? We are a reputable mountaineering and guiding company.  Oh…so you saying the below profile picture advertising this post trapped you into opening this page? Now you are not only a pervert but a sexist to. You should be ashamed of yourself.

We suggest you rather take the time and book a hiking  trip with us to repent from your sins. We recommend the following hikes to cleanse your soul:

To all you legitimate fact seeking individuals-welcome. We hope we give you some insight into the best chic pees on the mountain. What is the best way to do it and where are our main focal points in this discussion.

Step 1:

Find a quality can of chic pees

Step 2:

Open the can of Chic Pees. Be Careful  not to spill on your hiking boots. Maybe best to squat down for this

Step 3:

Pour out the juice carefully. Make sure not to pool in one area

Step 4:

Carefully place in a convenient place . The end result is the best collection of chic pees in the mountain.


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