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What is Mountain Sickness? Thise of you who have experiences high altitude mountaineering, you will know there is a whole whack of things your body goes through as you as ascend into thin air. Why do lungs fill ith fluid? Why do you get heeadaches? Why do you get nauseous. And why the heck do

5 OF THE BEST INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAINEERING EXPEDITIONS TO DO WITH SOUL ADVENTURE’S THIS YEAR  So let us start of by saying that the mountaineering expeditions we share with you today aren’t your normal expeditions to your local spar or pick n pay, these are some grade F type adventures… and when I say grade F,

Elbrus climbing dates For those of you who have not noticed yet…..Elbrus is situated in Mother Russia. Which means that they experience their summer months from say July to Mid October. So guess what? Yes sireeee….. we are only going to be attempting to summit the highest mountain in Europe during these months. We have

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