Cape Town Day Tours

Join our Cape Town Day Tours and experience South Africa’s mother city in a relaxed and interactive environment. We have various tours to choose from

Ok, so let us start by introducing ourselves. Soul Adventures was started in 2009. Our passion is travel and people. In fact our sole purpose is to create unique and  interactive travel experiences!!!  Our tours are designed to cater to a wide level of budget, comfort and activity. Our Cape Town Day Tours are designed to enrich our clients lives. Oh, and we also tend to have a whacky sense of humour so please bare with us.  Renowned for specialising in hiking, safaris, mountaineering and scuba diving adventures, Soul Adventures also offers a comprehensive range of Cape Town Day Tours, ideal for those with a little less time on their hands but an equal thirst for adventure. Having said that, our Cape Town Day tours include full day as well as half day activities. The full day trips include: Cape Town City,Table Mountain and Robben Island tour, shark cage diving Cape Town, abseiling on Table Mountain, Cape of Good hope and Penguin tour, whale watching tours in Hermanus, Aquila Day Safari, and wine farm tours Cape Town.

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The staff of Soul Adventures places a premium on enriching our clients lives through unique and interactive experiences. Every trip that we lead draws on the experience of countless expeditions in South America, Africa and Asia as well as our own back yard. Our leaders are committed professionals who are exemplary guides and instructors. We are dedicated to ensuring your experience exceeds your expectations!

Language options on our Cape Town Day Tours

We just hope we don’t get travellers from places like Kazakhstan as our guide specialising in that language  was abducted by a secret organisation known only to his uncle for smuggling ping pong ball into China. So sorry guys…can’t help you there. However, there is some good news for you seasoned travellers to Cape Town, the most beautiful city in the world. We have set up our Cape Town Day Tours to suite MOST of the more common languages of the world. And by common, we don’t mean the Chav, Yobo, getting hammered on the Cape Town wine farm tour,lowly types.

For our non English speaking guests, who probably cannot read what we have put here anyway. Fear not, we are able to offer you guides who are fluent in the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • North Antartican

We pride ourselves in giving awesome service. Check out our reviews on Trip Adisor if you don’t believe us:

Ok, so Big Brother is watching to see if we are capable of offering our clients the best Cape Town Day Tour experience ever. Its called Trip Advisor. We pride ourselves in giving awesome service. Nothing worse than getting a bad review  on a tour. Well, there are worse things like being attacked by a bunch of starving penguins with sharp pointy sticks, but you know what I mean. So alas,the site keeps us on our toes. If we don’t get a rating of excellent for one of our day tours, our staff have to do 400 push ups in a pit of snakes. Having said that, don’t take our word for it, check out the Cape Town day tour reviews

read unbiased veiws of our day tours on trip advisor


My friend and I booked a shark cage dive with Darren at Soul Adventures when we were in Cape Town in November 2015. It was the the most amazing experience!! What I like about their tours: arrived on time,  a passion for what they do, private tour, flexible schedule and it was a treat to spend the day with an interesting ‘local’! The shark diving  was exhilarating & inspiring! There was an emphasis on safety, enjoying nature and stepping outside of your comfort zone. This is my first ever review, because I was so deeply moved by Soul Adventures!

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Join us on our Cape Town Day tours and you will be enriched. Our unique, interactive service is what we are all about. Our typical day trips are a mixture of good company, knowledge and best of all, our day trips from Cape Town are designed to be relaxed. Although there is a set agenda, we are pretty flexible in terms of how the day unfolds. Nothing we can do about your arm being caught in the jaws of a Great White except wait for him to let go. Just like our other adventure activities, our adventures are designed to help you remember who you are. Our aim is to help give you some perspective on life. The answer may be 42, but, hopefully the experience on one of our day trips will be one to remember.


Day Tours from Cape Town: Travelling guidelines

As with any other country except the moon, South Africa is governed by certain monetary and natural dimensions. We have included a brief summary of the various factors that you would need to take into consideration when embarking on any form of travel within South Africa.
Climate of Cape Town

The summer months in South Africa are from 2 October at 15H23 through to 17 March at 23h34. If you arrive on 2 October at 15H22 you would have arrived in Spring. maybe wait the extra minute in the airport so that you arrive in the summer. Ok, enough digression, lets get back to the topic of discussion-the weather you may expect on your day trips from Johannesburg. The temperatures in Summer range between 15 degrees Celcius ( 60 degrees Fahrenheit) and 35 degrees celcius (96 Degrees Fahrenheit). The winter months experience temperatures of between 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) and 20 degrees Celsius ( 68 degrees Fahrenheit).

Despite regional differences, South Africa’s climate is generally mild throughout the year. Snow fall is limited to the mountain peaks of the Drakensberg. On the whole, South Africa is a dry country ( by dry, we mean rain, so don’t worry, you can still get an ice cold beer) The average rainfall per annum is 502mm. If it is sunshine you are looking for, you are in luck. South Africa is ranked pretty high in terms of seeing the sun. The best place to go if you are looking for sunshine other than joining us on our day trips from Cape Town is Venus.
Credit cards

Most major credit cards are accepted in South Africa. Most of our clients prefer paying for their day trips from Johannesburg through Paypal.

The monetary unit accepted on our day trips from Johannesburg or any other place in South Africa is the Rand. The international symbol being ZAR. 100cents make up one Rand. The denomination is issued in R200, R100, R50, R20 and R10 notes.



Cape Town City Tour

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One of the most scenic Cape Town Tours. A full day tour which includes Cape of Good Hope, Chapmans Peak, the Seals at Boulders and Seal Island This tour of Cape Town takes you on a fantastic tour of the Cape Peninsula, a boat trip to Seal Island from Hout Bay,  a drive through one …

Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

95% chance of seeing Great White sharks on our unique and informative shark cage diving Cape Town tour. No experience or qualification needed. 7 days a week One of the most craziest and spectacular adventure activities to do in Cape Town is definitely the Great White Shark Cage Diving Cape Town tour. You will be …