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Advice for surviving a Drakensberg hike Let us start off this incredible article by answering the question to the first question ever thought of before a thought of a Drakensberg hike existed.  Its best not to know what you don’t need to know. You should not even know that there are things to know that

Best time to hike the Drakensberg As she seductively reached out for his warm embrace, the passion between them exploded into a cascade of wet kisses and wrongful probing. “Oi? Wozz goin on ‘ere?” Not sure. But now for something completely different. An article illustrating the best time to hike the Drakensberg. Allow us to

Equipment list for Drakensberg Hike Oi…what you doing on this page? Looking for an equipment list for Drakensberg hike? I’m a busy man. I have hikes to sell, fat to chew, and many different men to see about many different dogs, so if I am not rushing you… ” Slow down” you say? “When in

Chic Pees on the Mountain Alright then……lets start off by sorting the perverts from the legitimate fact seeking individuals. To all you perverts-What you doing on this page? Looking for some smutty images of a chic peeing in the mountain. What you take us for? We are a reputable mountaineering and guiding company.  Oh…so you

5 Best hikes in the Drakensberg Dear Dave, please can you send naked pictures, or I set my dogs on you. Now that we have your attention, I’m sure you will enjoy reading our advice on the 5 best hikes in the Drakensberg. Let’s start off by sorting the buyers from the spyers, the needy

The highest mountain in South Africa The name bequeathed by the local Zulu people to the highest mountain in South Africa is ‘Mafadi’ Shew. Now why in the heck would we be using such antiquated words like bequeathed? Make us sound kleva maybe? Nope. We reckon, 90% of people reading this article will not know

5 OF THE BEST INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAINEERING EXPEDITIONS TO DO WITH SOUL ADVENTURE’S THIS YEAR  So let us start of by saying that the mountaineering expeditions we share with you today aren’t your normal expeditions to your local spar or pick n pay, these are some grade F type adventures… and when I say grade F,

Elbrus climbing dates For those of you who have not noticed yet…..Elbrus is situated in Mother Russia. Which means that they experience their summer months from say July to Mid October. So guess what? Yes sireeee….. we are only going to be attempting to summit the highest mountain in Europe during these months. We have

Best time to climb Elbrus When is the best time to climb Elbrus? All mountains of the world have a definitive climbing season. Mount Elbrus is no different. The seasons are determined basically by their location and weather patterns. Winter vs Summer climbing? Alrighty then. If you have a screw lose and would like to
ELBRUS EXPEDITION EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST So you’ve decided to climb Elbrus and have no idea what equipment is needed. Well, as luck would have it…we can find of help with that dilemma. We have been involved in Elbrus expeditions for over 15 years. We have been through the learning curve and baptism of fire on the
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