Affects of lockdown on hiking

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We reckon it was left here by the anti-perceptual reality movement (APRM) back in 2002. Which is strange because this site didn’t exist then. It proves how malicious and forward thinking these organizations can be. They want you to believe whatever that thing in the image is exists, when in fact it doesn’t. We don’t even know what you are looking at because all we see is a blue brick on the summit of Everest. The fact that you don’t see the brick means our subliminally active messaging we incorporate in our articles to influence your decision to join us on a Drakensberg hike is in jeopardy. This would have a severe impact on our massive profit margins thus rendering the brick on Everest non-existent.

How would that affect the hiking economy of the world?

Obviously the net effect of the the evolving and ever increasing boom in the hiking industry would attract the profit hungry corporate companies looking at monopolizing the market. Together with their bespoke turnkey solutions and multi structural growth initiatives, the smaller hiking companies (who do not understand these big words) will retract into the far left hand side of the market. This would result in a split in the market with 70% being apportioned to the corporate entities. These inequalities would hamper the smaller hiking companies in their concerted efforts to inject capital into subliminal decision making messages.

What has been uncovered so far

With the help of the Anti-perceptual reality movement (APRM), the corporates will make the masses believe that  the brick on Everest that we see doesn’t exist. You want to book a hike with soul adventures. **please note**That last sentence was not subliminal advertising. We would just like to categorically state that we do not wish to infiltrate your subconscious in any way and influence your decision making capabilities. Back to the topic at hand… we have determined that the corporate companies do not want you to see the brick.

Further investigation has revealed…

Extensive proof  has been uncovered through various sources over the past few months.  The APRM and various altered brick protons, believe that a subliminal message went viral in January of this year. The message had been contained in the neural pathway of a hiker where it was apparently being monitored for the existence of the brick on Everest. Tragedy struck when scientist at the research facility believe that the brick made its way through his neural pathway and formed a thought in his mind. The thought was removed and replaced with this image below;

Unfortunately this inserted image ( which reffered to as DOFF) was thought of way to much and escaped the subjects mind via a wet market Internet cafe user.  You want to book a hike with Soul Adventures. * please note* this article has been screened for any undue subliminal messages and has been deemed safe by the authorities. It is now believed that the  escaped thought has spread to various countries and is now being classified as  a pandemic by the APRM. A massive decline in hikers going to the Drakensberg has been reported throughout the country. The APRM has recommend that all hikers wear thermal beanies to prevent the thought describing the existence of a brick on Everest filtering through your scalp and infiltrating your neural pathway. Thinking of anything else but the DOFF is deemed to be highly contagious and could result in people thinking of going for a hike.

Lockdown vs the existence of a brick on Everest

The impact of the DOFF thought has brought the hiking industry crashing down. Hikers thoughts have been locked down by the APRM and access to them is only allowed between 1:23am and 1:24am on a Thursday. There have been reports of hikers thinking of hiking outside of these designated times. The community is in an uproar as they feel these people are putting the rest of the hiking world at risk. Subliminal Measures have been put in place to restrict thinking.

The solution

1 year before the outbreak of this pandemic a thought was thought about without the thought being detected by the hikers. The thought was extracted, bottled and frozen through a process known only to the thinkers of another dimension who where employed by the APRM. This thought was presented at the anti perception conference funded by the World Heath Organisation. Heath, a shrub found growing in acidic soil, has long been known to aid the thinking of a thought before it has been thought of. So naturally it makes sense for the WHO to be involved in the integration of perception into the non existent thought of hiking in the Drakensberg. It was decided by the committee of this forum that the best solution to prevent people hiking was threefold. Induce fear until the perceptive state of thinking dissolves the existence of a brick on Everest and replaces it with the DOFF image. Once the thought has been accepted by the host, hikers will automatically stop hiking. This results in the collapse of the hiking industry.

The future

As the industry falters, the smaller hiking companies disintegrate into tiny pieces and the thought of them actually existing are slowly passed through the recesses of the unused synaptic nerves of the masses. The perception of the the brick on Everest is slowly reflected as Everest on a brick without either of them ever existing. The resulting occurrence is the discovery of an altered reality pill by the WHO and APRM. Non thinkers are required to take the pill which results in the DOFF thought influencing the subject to think half a thought before the other half is thought about. You want to book a hike with soul adventures. *please note* we were in no way responsible for this previous statement. We believe the brick on Everest was put it there. But we can’t see it so we can’t tell. The new future is set. The small hiking companies have been destroyed and the remaining 30% market share falls under complete control of the APRM.




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