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Upcoming Mountaineering Expeditions

Climb Elbrus via the South Route_Soul Adventures_1

Elbrus via the South Route

Not only have we been involved with mountaineering the world over for over 10 years, but are proud to day
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Elbrus North Route

Climbing Elbrus via the North Route

If you are looking at experiencing Mother Russia from both an adventure, mountaineering and cultural point of view, then climbing
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21 Day Everest and Island Peak Expedition

This Everest & Island Peak expedition includes some awesome snow and ice climbing to a height of 6,189m.
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Drakensberg Guided Hikes

Guided Drakensberg hike champagne castle

3 Day Guided Champagne Castle Drakensberg Hike

Summit the second highest mountain in South Africa and enjoy breathtaking scenery
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4 day Guided Drakensberg hike to the highest mountain in South Africa-Mafadi soul adventures

4 day Drakensberg hike to highest mountain in SA-Mafadi

Join us on this epic and challenging guided hike to the summit of the highest mountain in South Africa.
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3 Day Mnweni Hike in the Drakensberg

This hike includes some of the most remote and scenic parts of the Drakensberg.
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Mountaineering is in our Blood

The frosted tent fabric sparkles in the light of a torch beam where Brett sits hunched besides me in the cramped tent. He spoons a mouthful of noodles from his old army mug. I slurp my own tepid spoonful,which tastes a bit like chicken. Or is it mushrooms, or maybe beef? What does it matter? It is purely functional,fuel for the climb, a last attempt to stoke the furnace for the long journey ahead.We have moved beyond the world of sensual pleasure. In the Andes,there is no finesse: all that matters is survival. And yet, we still feel a great surge of excitement and pleasurable anticipation. We have been consumed by this wild,crazy,beautiful odyssey.


“We reach the top of Kilimanjaro and scream in triumph, knowing that something fundamental has changed inside of us. All our doubts, fears and uncertainties are left behind. They are left back there on the summit, rapidly evaporating like our footprints. All our imagined horrors have dissipated, leaving a new, more positive reality in their place.”

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There is a special breed of person who thrives on risk and ADVENTURE TRAVEL for that matter, for whom a high mountain or an expansive ocean represents an irresistible challenge. Some are world famous-Hillary Scott, while others are known only to their FRIENDS & FAMILY, but all share certain hallmark qualities;

  • A fierce desire to endure natures elements
  • A deep commitment to their goals
  • A kind of endurance that is more spiritual than physical