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Why Adventure travel in South Africa? Unique and Interactive

The frosted tent fabric sparkles in the light of a torch beam where Brett sits hunched besides me in the cramped tent. He spoons a mouthful of noodles from his old army mug. I slurp my own tepid spoonful,which tastes a bit like chicken. Or is it mushrooms, or maybe beef? What does it matter? It is purely functional,fuel for the climb, a last attempt to stoke the furnace for the long journey ahead.We have moved beyond the world of sensual pleasure. In the Andes,there is no finesse: all that matters is survival. And yet, we still feel a great surge of excitement and pleasurable anticipation. We have been consumed by this wild,crazy,beautiful odyssey.

“We reach the top of Kilimanjaro and scream in triumph, knowing that something fundemental has changed inside of us. All our doubts, fears and uncertainties are left behind. They are left back there on the summit, rapidly evaportaing like our footprints. All our imagined horrors have dissipated, leaving a new, more positive reality in their place.”

Adventure Travel South Africa?

There is a special breed of person who thrives on risk and adventure travel for that matter, for whom a high mountain or an expansive ocean represents an irresistible challenge. Some are world famous-Hillary Scott, while others are known only to their friends and family, but all share certain hallmark qualities;

  • A fierce desire to endure natures elements
  • A deep commitment to their goals
  • A kind of endurance that is more spiritual than physical
 Champagne Castle,Drakensberg June 2011

Champagne Castle,Drakensberg June 2011

Is it the belief of being in control that keeps us on an even keel. The moment we suspect that we are losing control is the moment when fear edges into the fragile balance of our sanity. Uncontrolled fear is a corrosive emotion, something that gnaws away at the fabric of your mind, screws you up to a frightful aching state of anxiety, and leaves you with nothing good. Will I win or lose? Do people like me? Am I a failure? Am I good enough? There is nothing but sickness in this sort of fear; sickness of the mind which produces no answers to your questions and leaves you in an agonizing limbo. At least there is the fight or flight surge of adrenalin induced from our primal fears and the sense of achievement and confidence that comes from confronting the fear. If you choose to stand at the bottom of Kilimanjaro and make that first commiting step up, then you have the comfort of choosing your fear. It is something you go to willingly. Embracing the near future and all that it will throw at you with open arms and a clear mind, confident that you will succeed, you will control it. There is no control over anxiety and self-doubts. Once indulged, fears of this kind hold us prisoner. They are the penalty of thinking, the penance of life


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On your journey to there, when you get there, there is not there

Each adventure travel package is designed to help you to escape,at least momentarily, the man made world and to bring you face to face with the power of nature.You may be thrust into an unfamiliar environment with challenges and risks you won’t find at home. You may squirm,sweat,shake,or do all three simultaneously. At some point along the way you may ask yourself: ‘what on earth was I thinking?‘Consider that moment a rite of passage.


Kilimanjaro Glacier December 2011

Kilimanjaro Glacier December 2011

The basic satisfaction of adventure travel in South Africa is both physical and mental with an extra ingredient of risk. It is a hot and invigorating spice that adds an addictive flavor to the game. It is tasted through the exhilaration that comes from challenging one’s ability against the unknown and winning. Being the master of one’s destiny, with one’s life literally in one’s hands, is what gives adventure travel its fascination. Adventure travel in South Africa also gives a heightened awareness of everything around. The dramatic glaciers of Kilimanjaro, the intelligent eye of a whale,the form of mountains and clouds. The same view that might be seen by a passerby, but the passer by cannot see what the adventure travel being can.

Red Sea Scuba Nov 2010

Red Sea Scuba Nov 2010

Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing

Every one has an ‘Everest’ or a ‘Kilimanjaro’ that they need to climb. The metaphor can be used to describe the highest goal that we can set for ourselves-whether that means creating a life, overcoming an illness, securing a promotion or controlling the mind. No matter what stage of life you find yourself in-whether you’ve entered retirement or just graduated from university-there’s an Everest left to climb that will add renewed purpose and meaning to your life. You can take yourself to this higher level of goal setting and performance without sacrificing other important aspects of your way of being. That’s because true peak performance is about maintaining balance and bringing other people along with you as you make the climb up your own personal mountain.

I really enjoy meeting expectant new-comers before a trip or the seasoned expedition adventurer, whether they are here to trek in the Drakensberg, scuba dive with sharks or participate in any other of our unique experiences, then observe the changes in them when they return from their adventure a few days later. Sometimes it is just a faint smile of satisfaction, while at other times a grin as big as the glaciers on Kilimanjaro. Occasionally it may be that there is a dash of disappointment at a missed summit through weather turning at the wrong time, or conditions not being safe on a particular route causing a turn around. Whatever the outcome of the trip, the effect of nature’s environment is etched upon us and reflected through a glint in the eye that shows we have been deeply moved by our interaction with nature in its most powerful form. While not always beer and biltong, it sure beats trying to elude life’s challenges in pursuit of a comfortable existence! Guides and climbers in the Soul Adventure extended family are trudging over several other parts of the world right now, while others are getting set to head out on adventures and trips.

Whatever the near future holds for you, I wish you all the very best for your upcoming adventures whatever they may be Darren MacDonald. Director Soul Adventures
Spiderman on Aconcagua, Dec 2008

Spiderman on Aconcagua, Dec 2008

View from tent on Kilimanjaro, June 2011

View from tent on Kilimanjaro, June 2011


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              Conquer fear!!!! Is it the belief of being in control that keeps us on an even keel. The moment we suspect that we are losing control is the moment when fear edges into the fragile balance of our sanity. Uncontrolled fear is a corrosive emotion, something that gnaws …

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